IF it’s Milan Design Week, I cannot not introduce you @therugfeller

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I am finally back in Milan and I cannot be happier because both Milan Fashion and Design Weeks are approaching! These following days Milan is conquered by design, and artists from all over the world are placing their installations to embellish the city.

Therefore, what better time than this to introduce a new unconventional talent? His name is Habib and his creative, passionate and hard-working mind totally captured my attention!

Habibi happened to combine his endless love for basket and the majestic Micheal Jordan into a sophisticated rug! How does he do it? IF speechless like I was the first time I saw his creations, read what’s next!

For the ones who do not know you, how would you introduce your project @rugfeller? 

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@rugfeller is a new creative reality specialised in the design and production of high quality hand-knotted rugs characterised by avant-garde design like the well-known Jordan’s shape. It also develops customised offers for clients interested in personalised solutions.

How did this super unconventional idea of creating rugs in the shape of a Jordan come out?

My first collection is entirely inspired by the American basketball player Micheal Jordan and his sneakers.

The idea of creating a rug in the shape of Jordan 1, his most famous and iconic silhouette (still very sought after and fashionable), represents a personal need to enclose in a single object my two greatest passions: the traditional hand-knotted rugs and sneakers. I am a big fan of Micheal and I love his shoes since I was 13 years old when my parents bought me my first pair.

Which of your parents passed on this passion to you?

Surely my father. He is a collector and dealer of fine and ancient Persian carpets. He is the person I have inherited the love and passion for this art that warms our houses up from more than 2000 years.

For anyone curious, how does the rug production process work: do you do the rug design and ideation yourself?

Yes m’am. I am the RUG MAKER and I personally take care of every design.

Everything is always the result of a scribble on paper, then it is reworked: I choose every color and tonality of the wools and finally I pass the ball to my artisan masters that knot my rugs.

Via @rugfeller IG account

Have you ever thought of opening a small store in Modena (your city) and physically sell your rugs?

I already have a store of Persian carpets in Modena, but I would like to open a studio only for the RUGFELLER, a sort of office/laboratory/showroom where I can better enhance my works.

After COVID-19 aggressively hit all the made-in-Italy businesses, do you think your idea combining creativity and necessity can attract new young customers?

This is the exact ultimate goal of my project. For sure, RUGFELLER’s designs want to appeal a younger target audience, making also them aware of the hard work behind their fashionable carpets. As a matter of fact, making these rugs takes long and involves a numerous group of people.

I take care of what concerns design and planning of the carpet: I select the materials, the density of the knotting and the colours among 1200 tonalities available. Over the years and during my travels, I had the pleasure to meet a family of artisans from Northern India with whom I have been collaborating for years with great dynamism and enthusiasm.

They dye the wool and silk for each project and by following my designs, they realise these beautiful carpets. Young people out there should know that making a Jordan 1 silhouette takes about 500 hours to make, and 2600 hours for the accumulation of black toe.

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Are you planning to develop new rug ideas (special lettering, designs, trendy prints) or do you want to stay true to your passion for Jordans?

Micheal Jordan and the Nike Jordan model are such a great source of inspiration. Certainly, this line of Jordan rugs will be a carry over still, to update it with new ideas and designs. IF we are artistically speaking, let’s say that the project has no limits: it ranges from pop-art and street art to collaborations with niche artists. Very soon I will show you the newest collection I have working on for so long.

Via @rugfeller IG account

Last but not least, if you had the chance to make a rug especially for Micheal Jordan, how would you design it?

As the Italians would say “magari!!!”, it would be a dream of mine to be able to put myself to work for MJ …. I would make a carpet as big as a basketball court for HIM!

Indeed, Habib was so generous to gift me one of these amazing Jordan shaped rugs and therefore, I could perceive myself the craftsmanship, quality and precision behind its production. IF you want to have a look at how sophisticated and cool it is, scroll down:

IF you are interested in buying a Jordan rug for your modern and innovative spaces, do not hesitate to contact the talented Habib: follow him @rugfeller on IG, e-mail him info@rugfeller.com or visit his working in process website!

Hope you will enjoy the end of this delightful Milan Design Week, baring in mind where you can fit this cool rug in your house!

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