IF you want to Guccify yourself

IF you cannot think of a more unconventional, extreme and creative fashion brand than GUCCI, trust me, read this post! Are you ready to GUCCIFY yourself just by reading a post? Well, today, you will be totally immersed in the beautiful exhibition of Gucci Garden Archetypes set in Florence at Palazzo della Signoria. The latter is entirely curated by the majestic Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director. It is INSANELY crazy and it perfectly describes every little facets of the brand. It embodies the idea of camp, freedom, exaggeration and anti-conventionality that Gucci offers to its community.

Being passionate about the brand just doubled my expectations about this museum that have been easily fulfilled: I can tell you that this museum is absolutely a dream (without any hyperbole)!

The extreme genius, unlimited passion and creativity are so present in such exhibition and I could totally perceive it while moving through the museum. You cannot even imagine the dedication and attention to details that has been put in every room: there is a storytelling that reveals a meaning behind every space. However, IF you are a GUCCI supporter, you would find easier to interpret the significance of each museum’s room.

IF you are not, are you willing to know every message that Alessandro wanted to indirectly convey with such incredibly insane exhibition? Well, do not stop reading until the end! You might be surprised….


This french sentence “Live the Present” is the motto of Alessandro. Even IF he may appear like a man of the past for his outfits or his art and history-wise passions, do not stop at appearances. He is actually a man of the PRESENT as he would define himself. Alessandro loves to live the present without being influenced by the future. Living the present is the best action to take in order to focus on yourself and succeed. IF you plan things for the future, you will be able to fully savor your present.

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Could not agree more with Alessandro. Sometimes, people are in a hurry and do not focus on their present and what it brings along.

Beyond this sentence, the walls are upholstered by inspiring sentences like “creativity without limits” or “we are all united and together.” As previously mentioned, this museum is able to go through different contemporary themes that perfectly fit the brand charisma.


How you justify a room full of porcelain? Well, Alessandro is known to be a porcelain collector. In his office, he likes to keep tiny and cute porcelain cups. Beyond being elegant, they represent a meaningful moment of sharing that you would usually have with someone while drinking coffee or tea. Indeed, the room is characterised by the most representative Gucci items like the decorative crown, emblematic of Alessandro, or the iconic Horsebit shoulder bag. This room was actually very Gucci!


Why a mane and some sexy items all together? As you might have seen in the last fashion show celebrating 100 years of the brand, also here Gucci wanted to recall its heritage. IF you are not familiar with the brand yet, you should know that Gucci since its very beginning produced equestrian equipment for wealthy people. Indeed, the brand stand out for its osè pieces and sexual campaigns. Moreover, these sexy items can connect with the horse as the latter has always represented a symbol of freedom (sexual freedom as well).

IF you are into Gucci, you could not easily forget the ambitious SS20 campaign: IF you are not, check it out!


JUST WOW. I toured this room tons of times. This mirrored space was just insane, believe me! It was characterised by different collections including Gucci sneakers, wings, butterflies and kids’ toys. Why that? Again this room represents the many Alessandro’s passions. Another time we have items that may appear disconnected among each other but in reality they are not!

One of my absolutely favourite rooms!

PS personal advice: do not wear any skirt, you will thank me later! LOL


You cannot even imagine how realistic was this reconstruction of the LA metro. This room was totally inspired by a 2015 Gucci campaign aimed at celebrating the beginning of Alessandro’s emperor and a complete new style proposal distant from Giannini’s one. Were people really ready for such incredible journey led by such charmingly creative mind?

I do not really think so. Alessandro really transformed the fashion industry, breaking the mold and providing such an outstanding example of inclusivity, beauty, empowerment, diversity and self-love.

People still appreciate the brand because they really feel they belong to a community by purchasing a Gucci Jackie bag, Gucci loafers or a Gucci dress. Honestly, this is the way I feel. My unconditional passion for the brand is driven by the willingness to be represented by that creativity, freedom and uniqueness that no one else out there offers.


This room was recalling the latest Gucci beauty campaign celebrating every type of beauty and reminding that every size, shape, smile and color is beautiful. Gucci is known for breaking stereotypes and brining under the spotlight such diverse forms of beauty and this adds up to the reasons why this brand completely has my heart.

In 2021, nothing should be not taken for granted and Gucci keeps being good at communicating through its campaigns and fashion shows meaningful messages to all of us.


IF you happen to visit the Gucci Garden museum, then you should definitely have a look at its beautiful store as well. You would find tons of different things in terms of price and utility. IF you are curious, check it out!

After this delightful narration, I hope I convinced you to go to this insane museum. For just 5 euros, you will be enchanted all over again for a dozen of rooms three floors in a row. DO NOT MISS IT!

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