IF you think you are provocative enough, you are wrong

Sometimes, I get surprised by the exaggerated talent and creativity of people. There are many able to express their unique personalities through art and every time, I love seeing how far creative minds can go. There is a striking example of what I am talking about and that’s Alessandro Malossi, a young Made in Italy, provocative talent.

He makes surreal art reflecting trends and events happening in the society and he does so in a mocking and extremely provocative way. The unconventional style of its designs and art showcases the fresh inventive and revolutionary language of Alessandro. This guy is very versatile: he moved from tattoos to fashion, visual design and art exhibitions. Surely, all his works turned out to be exceptional, including the recent social media project @pleasetalktomyhand developed during the lockdown. Again, something provocative giving a new reading key to society.

Among my favourite hands’ messages, there is this one:

Well, there is more that Alessandro has in store for us: scroll down and keep reading his special interview!

Your IG profile is really brilliant, I find that it is able to combine irony and trends that young people can easily find themselves in. What are the main inspirations to develop your illustrations and provocative art?

Thank you. I am generally inspired by things around me and things that are happening. I try to deal with current issues so that my artworks become viral: for example, during the period of the US elections I made a portrait of Trump on a pizza, or during the COVID period I played a lot on the discourse of distancing and solitude, creating works that could easily relate with my followers.

What do you think was crucial to make your work stand out in a world as vast as social media, where everyday you are bombarded with hundreds of different profiles?

I think the strength of my works is the surrealism that characterises them and the technique with which they are executed. In addition, as I said in the previous question, universality. Everyone can recognise him/herself in my works. I deal with rather common places reinterpreting them in a personal and probably unusual way, taking elements from the everyday life.

How did you start? Was your growth as an artist gradual or sudden?

I started at a young age, attended all art schools from high school to university. Finally, I signed a contract with an important gallery (IMAGO Art Gallery, Lugano), just before the pandemic. Despite the difficult period, I had time to reflect and start exploring my art differently. It really helped me to take the time to rationalise and really figure out what path to take with my art. I also have to thank a friend who, right at the beginning of the pandemic, gave me an iPad, and from there my creative possibilities multiplied.

IF you had to name 1 event and 1 person that were pivotal in the development of your career, what would they be?

The most important event was my first solo exhibition in Madrid NOAH, also because it was thanks to this that IMAGO Art Gallery noticed me and I started working with them. As a person, definitely working for Aron Piper gave me a remarkable push abroad.

To see Alessandro’s enchanting exhibition pieces, click play!

Via Alessandro Malossi IG profile

I have read that you have collaborated with important brands such as Levis and Kappa Future Festival, in the future which fashion brands would you like to collaborate with?

I would love Gucci because it’s very in line with what I do.

Via @pleasetalktomyhand IG profile

Has your passion for art always been present in your life?

Absolutely, I always knew that I wanted to make a living from art. Right from a very young age, when I was 3 years old, I was already drawing on the walls with markers. My mother used to scold me but at the same time, she realised that I might have talent!

IF you were to collaborate with a contemporary artist, who would you choose?

This is a difficult question. I believe that I would collaborate with anyone as something interesting and different would always come out. I believe in the union of minds of all kinds. IF I had to choose today, I might go for CBHoyo. I love his simplicity and effectiveness: we are very similar in our intentions and values even though we have very different techniques and ways of communicating.

Last but not least, what is the biggest goal you’d like to achieve with your surreal and provocative yet extremely relevant art? 

I may be cliche, but I would definitely say exhibiting in major museums and being appreciated worldwide is a big goal of mine. Also, one of my dreams would be that my art is immediately traced back to me as soon as people see it. I believe that for an artist, recognition is a fundamental aspiration.

After talking to Alessandro, I still cannot believe how this guy is capable of developing such curated and realistic works perfectly communicating to its viewers. His style and artworks of all kinds involves me a lot, guiding me in another space ruled by an insanely creative mind!

IF you are interested in his art, follow his IG pages: @alessandromalossi and @pleasetalktomyhand, plus visit his works portfolio on IMAGO ART GALLERY!!!

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