IF you wanna dress up like a celeb, BUT low cost!

IF you enjoyed reading IF you want to dress up like Hailey, but low cost! , I am sure you would adore this new post. IF you did not read it yet, I can tell you that this type of post consists of showing outfits of celebrities and providing cheaper options to replicate them. This new one is going to be more detailed than the last one and since many of you keep asking about another celebrity than Hailey, I decided to go for a mix of different celebrities.

For this exciting post, I developed a top ten of the ones I personally consider to be the most fashionable and stylish. Of course, Hailey would be included again as she represents one of my major sources of style and outfit inspiration. Are you thrilled to discover who are going to be the remaining 9? Well, IF yes, I suggest you to scroll down and start shopping your favourite outfits at very accessible prices.

Let’s start!

1. Hailey Bieber

The first celeb that I selected is Hailey, top model and wife of Justin Bieber. IF you are not really into her, you should know that she has an extremely streetwear-based style. She likes to wear loose fit trousers and tees, branded sneakers and oversized blazers. Hailey’s interest in streetwear was made clear also in her wedding dress. The garment was custom made by Virgil Abloh (CEO and Creative Director of Off-White) and it was entirely street-style inspired.

The outfit I choose to replicate is the following: elegant, classic, street-wear style.

Hailey Bieber Outfit

IF you are interested in replicating it, I warmly suggest you to have a look at SHEIN Italia where this look can be wholly emulated at a convenient price:

IF you decide to purchase any of these items, be aware of my discount code ifmoda on SHEIN ITALIA: for an expense over 39€, you may get an extra 15% off.

2. Elsa Hosk

The second celebrity I picked is the famous model from Victoria’s Secret Cast. Her Sweden traits drove many incumbent fashion companies crazy who paid big amounts to have her starring the catwalks. Beyond being a renowned model, Elsa Hosk is also a beloved social media influencer: her followers appreciate her design and fashion-related content!

The outfit I chose to replicate fully represents Elsa’s personality: elegant, simple, refined.

Let’s go through her outfit:

Elsa Hosk – In red oversized pants out in New York City | GotCeleb
Elsa Hosk Outfit

To replicate it, you should look at these low cost brands like Mango (trousers), Zalando (shirt), H&M (blazer) and SHEIN Italia (bag).

3. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is the third celebrity I decided to select for her extremely simple but innovative style. Beyond being one of the Kardashians, you should keep up with the thousands of projects she does including the most recent one. As a matter of fact, Kendall has lately released a spirits company called 818 Tequila.

Fashion, Shopping & Style | Kendall Jenner's Colorful Mango Sweater Vest  Can Be Yours For $50 | POPSUGAR Fashion Photo 3
Kendall Jenner Outfit

IF you are interested in purchasing the same look of Kendall, have a look at these cheap options:

4. Rihanna

The Best Cozy Looks Inspired by Our Favorite Rihanna Outfits | Glamour
Rihanna Outfit

As you all know, Rihanna has always been a great fashion icon beyond a talented singer. This Rihanna’s look I chosed is the perfect match between comfort and style that you can either use to travel or walk around during your day off. IF you are interested in purchasing a similar outfit, have a look at these cheaper and more importantly, sustainable options:

5. Zendaya

26 of Zendaya's Incredible Street Style Moments to Re-Create | POPSUGAR  Fashion

Honestly, Zendaya is super underrated but to me, she has a super cool style. She is able to be feminine and tomboy when needed and she always fits everything so accurately. Look at this outfit: it is smart-chic but how lovely is it?

Do you wanna replicate it? Well, have a look at what I found for you:

6. Imaan Hammam

The sixth model I picked is Imaan Hamman, born as an angel of Victoria’s Secret and grew as one of the most renowned international models working for Versace, Jacquemus, Givenchy and many more fashion brands.

Milan SS 2021 Street Style: Imaan Hammam - STYLE DU MONDE | Street Style  Street Fashion Photos
Imaan Hammam Outfit

IF you interested in acknowledging and replicating the outfit I picked, have a look at what’s next:

7. Harry Styles

Harry Styles Outfit

Among the most fashionable celebs I follow there could not not be the charming prince, Harry Styles. Always in Gucci, his style is inimitable and perfectly in line with his CAMP personality. I love most of his outfits and to me, he represents a source of inspiration both for women and men.

One of the best outfits is this casual but not casual one by Harry:

8. Travis Scott

Beyond being a famous singer, Travis is known for his street-style. Scott style signature consists of flannel shirts, plain tees, oversize pants and cool sneakers.

Travis scott | Travis scott fashion, Travis scott outfits, Streetwear men  outfits
Travis Scott Outfit

You can purchase this outfit at a lower price, following my fashion guidelines: have a look down below! IF you want to know the brands of these items, I can tell you that the shirt is from ASOS, while the tee and the pants are from SHEIN Italia. Apparently, the pants may look darker than Scott’s ones. However, they are not: from the website photo reviews under that item, you can acknowledge that in reality, its colour is exactly Travis’ one.

9. Emily Ratajkowsky

Emily Ratajkowski's pleated pants and trench coat look for less
Emily Ratajkowski Outfit

I could not finish without including at least one outfit of the super model Emily Ratajkowski. A mix of simplicity, elegance, provocation and street-style is what best represents her fashion style. The outfit I selected is very cute and extremely easy to replicate. You do not believe me? Well, have a look: cropped top and trousers from SHEIN ITALIA, while the trench coat is from Stradivarius.

10. Dualipa

Last but not the least comes DUALIPA, the famous londinese singer whose outfits do not go unnoticed. Her style results from a mix between the british and american street-wear style. Dualipa is very versatile as she is able to be elegant and chic for the night-life, but also extremely eccentric during the day-life.

Dua Lipa's Style: 46 Fashion Lessons She's Taught Us | Who What Wear
Dualipa Outfit

This is the outfit I decided to replicate: I am completely in love with it and I am so about to purchase the whole fit. It is perfect for summer when you are tanned and beautiful!

In order to replicate it, look at these cheaper but so similar options: top is from SHEIN ITALIA and skirt from Princess Polly!

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