IF Cinderella would have lost her glass slippers today, they would be 100% Sydmadethat

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IF you wonder where I have been this long, I want to reassure you that I have been very very busy. Being a student sometimes overwhelms you and it gets difficult to handle everything at once. But who cares now? I am back and today, you would be amazed by what you will be going to read.

The new post is featuring an extremely talented, young woman who is able to perfectly read women’s mind. I am saying so because through her digital art, she has been focusing on two main accessories that women cannot live without.

Do you wanna guess? Well, I am sure you did already. I am talking about earrings and high heels, but of course OUT OF THE ORDINARY ONES. IF you are interested in discovering how she makes these accessories stand out and what there is in Sydney’s creative mind, keep reading through the post!

Let’s now jump into the interview I addressed to Sydney and you would surely understand the reason why I insist to involve her in my blog.


HB: Hi, Sydney. So nice to meet you! Are you ready for this exciting interview?

S: Hi Isotta, of course I am. Let’s get started…

1. How did you come up with the idea of the digitally developed glass slippers ?

Given my passion for shoes and a continuous flow of ideas floating in my mind, I decided to combine the two things giving birth to these glass slippers designs. Everything got serious when, after graduating from college, I decided to exploit the skills gained in concept ideation, 3D modeling, rendering, product animation in order to bring my ideas to life! The result? Well, have a look!

2. Given the 3D print technology, have you ever tried to print your shoes and see how they look in 3D?

I am actually exploring several ways to create my designs in reality and 3D printing is absolutely one of them. Among my options, there are also hand sculpting in order to make custom molds. It is a new process I am experimenting with but you cannot even imagine how much excited I am to see the results!

3. How did you feel the first time you saw your shoe designs on Vogue UK ?

Honestly, until I physically grab the issue of Vogue in my hands, I could not realise it was happening for real. However, it was happening and I still cannot believe it that it happened more than once.

You know, I come from a very small town and I never imagined at my young age I could ever get published on British Vogue. But well, it actually happened and therefore, I am extremely glad I was given the opportunity to share my work with everybody. It was a big achievement of mine and I am very proud.

4. I love all your earrings collection: they are out of the ordinary and extremely affordable in relation to their beauty. What are your main inspirations for them?

My earrings were my first attempt as far as designing accessories is concerned. They are like my first baby and so, they will always have a special room in my heart.

The inspirations for the designs of my earrings come from my obsession for oversized earrings. Actually the term “art teacher aesthetic” perfectly describe the goal of my earrings: I wanted them to make people smile when they both see and wear them. 

They are out of the ordinary and eye catching. IF you are interested in purchasing a pair of them, visit my website: here, you would find a wide array of earrings I am sure you would go crazy about!

5. In a near future, which artists/designers are you willing to collaborate with?

That’s actually a great question! I would love to collaborate with any kind of creative. One of the artists I would like to collaborate with would be Uzumaki Cepeda! As far as designers are concerned, I have always looked up to people like Natacha Marro. 

6. Among the main luxury brands, which one do you think would be more suitable for your style?

My work is truly all over the place so it is difficult to chose which brand would suit my style better. Among the luxury brands, I would say that Alexander McQueen is one of my biggest inspirations. His work never knew any limits and that is what I aspire to do as well through mines. 

7. Are you planning to develop other accessories beyond bags, shoes and earrings?

Yes definitely, shoes will always be on my mind but I am trained to design a very wide range of products and love to push myself outside my comfort zone. 

8. IF you had the opportunity to collaborate with a specific designer who he/she will be and why?

A designer I would love to have the opportunity to collaborate with is the Medusa Queen Donatella Versace. To me, she is absolutely a role model and just being able to sit down with her would be an such an honor.

9.  IF someone wants to buy your earrings, can you clarify how they can reach you out? 

Via Syd Insta

IF you guys are willing to purchase my earrings what you have to do is going to Sydmade.com and clicking the shop! Then, you can chose among the 18 different styles available.

I offer domestic and international shipping so wherever you are you can place an order! 

10. What are your future goals in your career as a designer? 

In the future, my main goal consists of turning my designs into real products and finally see people wearing my designs. Indeed, a second goal of mine would be growing my business and making my way into the design world.

HB: Dear Sydney, I wish you the best of all luck for your future: you deserve it!

S: Thank you so much for giving me such opportunity to express my art! It has been so fun!

Follow Syd on Instagram @sydmadethat to see what’s next!

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