IF you are interested in the secrets of my favourite newyorkese street-artist

IF you are interested in street art, I am glad to introduce to you one of my favourite, contemporary artists: Denis Ouch. I first met him when I was in New York. At the end of the stairs of the High Line, he usually has a stand displaying a variety of his artworks. It was love at first sight as my attention was completely captured by the idea behind his works. Ouch’s art consists of signing the New York City maps with characters, symbols and written slogans related to pop culture: I was positively impressed by its art cause I think it is new, different, and ever-present.

Beyond being attracted by the concept behind, I also admired the technique and the actual themes Ouch deals with in a totally ironic way.

The day I met him I spent 30 minutes staring at all the canvas displayed on the stand and then, spoiled for the choice, I decided to go for a representation of the Statue of Liberty immersed into a bloody Louis Vuitton pattern. Given the inevitable love for fashion, I decided to opt for that one because it totally embodied my experience in the beautiful New York. Still today, I am extremely attached to the painting I bought and when I look at it I can imagine myself in the City in front Ouch and his incredible art.

My NYC Print

Therefore, today (as you can imagine) I cannot be more than happy to interview Ouch himself, who will finally introduce his beautiful art also to you. IF you are ready to be amazed, keep up with the reading!

I read you are from Russia, but now you are based in NYC. Why did you move to New York City, what did you bring there?

Hello, thank you for asking! I moved to the US to go to college but the education took longer than I anticipated and meanwhile  I fell in love with NY.

Did your idea of art change over time? Did NYC play a crucial role in affecting your artistic vein once you moved there? 

New York City is a great place for artists like myself. So much opportunity to paint on the street , street art was born here. The energy of the city makes a painter go deeper in his work. Puts him on some other plane.  So, living in New York I realized that I want to be a full-time artist. 

What are your main inspirations?

Mainly I’m inspired by social, political issues and human interaction with the planet as well as animals. I love bright colours and work on contrast as much with colours as with ideas themselves. 

I like to portray feelings in pictures, the inherent human traits that we all share, and the conflicting choices people make every day that brings up those feelings. 

You achieved great success thanks to your art, what is the exhibition you have been more proud of?

Throughout my career, I have had several solo and group shows. What comes to mind is my last show in New York at Flying Solo. There I had shown my then latest series Animal  Saints, where I show animals as saints for all the suffering they go through because of human activities from hunting to deforestation. 

How did you come up with the idea of making a work of art over a NYC map?

Painting on maps comes naturally to me as I could get access to thousands of old maps that New York City is ready to throw away every year.  Maps are the great canvas in that I can play around with ideas and not worry how it comes out. This in turn leads me to the creation of great works. 

As a streetwear artist, what is the major work you did and where in New York? 

Via Denis Ouch Website

I’m proud of my last mural in NY, Save Us Justice League, located on 12 st and 8th av in Greenwich Village, it is my commentary on police brutality and racism and the tragic death of Jorge Floyd. 

This is the end of our artistic journey aimed at discovering the beautiful, diverse, real, actual art of Denis Ouch. Therefore, IF you are in NYC I highly suggest you to step by his stand under the High Line. However, IF you are not, you still have the opportunity to acquire one of his amazing works through his website! IF you can, I promise you would perceive the endless passion of Denis for his job.

IF you are interested in seeing more, I recommend you to reach Ouch out directly on his Instagram account @denisouch. Hopefully, through this post, you felt in love with his art as much as I do!

Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below and remember to always stay tuned!

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