IF you want to dress up like Hailey, BUT low cost!

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Brief Introduction:

IF you are into fashion, you may be one of those types always seeking for new looks to purchase. IF I got you, I am pretty sure that like me, you might spend most of your time searching for outfits inspiration either on IG or Pinterest. Personally, I do visit many celebs’ IG accounts for inspiration but among them, the one I feel more inspired from is certainly Hailey Bieber’s. Honestly, Hailey Bieber is absolutely perfect to me. She is beautiful and I absolutely love her style. I feel that she always serves amazing outfits that enhance her healthy body. Hailey represents a source of inspiration not just for outfits but also for skincare. She did a lot of skincare masterclasses during which she gave interesting advices to improve the skincare routine. However, this post will not deal with skincare but fashion trends and outfits, so let’s get back on track.

This ultimate article will be showing many Hailey’s outfits and using them as a starting point. As a matter of fact, I will replicate her outfits, proposing cheaper options. However, the final selection of clothes would turn out to be so close to the real Hailey’s outfit. Therefore, IF you are interested in knowing how to dress up like her but low cost, keep reading my advices!

BE AWARE that most of the brands picked are searched in Italy (Europe) and therefore, there might be some differences between countries and their collections!

First Outfit:

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Down below, you would find how I replicate the outfit. My imitation is a combination of low cost but high quality brands such as Bershka, Shein, Zara and Asos:

I absolutely love this outfit, it is simple but so stylish and you do not need complicated items to dress up like this. Of course, her long legs help to make the whole fit cooler! BUT still, we have to valorise our bodies no matter how tall, thin we are cause we are all beautiful women!

Second Outfit:

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I love this outfit because it combines comfortability and style. I adore the fluffy shoes: they are an absolute touch of class that make the whole fit really refined! You have to differentiate yourself, always wearing something wild like those fluffy shoes. Even though such wild outfits like this one are more “embraced in the US”, where fashion is absolutely various, spontaneous and careless of society’s standards.

As the shoes are concerned, I found two options: one for color and one for the design. IF you want to have a really similar look, you may choose among these alternatives. However, the difference between my combination and Hailey’s one lies into the price: my outfit arrangement is worth just € 49,54!!!

Third Outfit:

Via Pinterest

How cute is this shirt? I believe that the red color looks even better because it creates a greater contrast with the undershirt…

However, you may also decide to match this shirt with a cute, black cropped top IF you prefer.

Fourth Outfit:

Via Pinterest

The dress does not have the same cut but its design looks very similar to the dress Hailey is wearing. IF you have a pair of black Dr. Martens, I feel that they fit perfectly anyways! As far as the jacket is concerned, I advice you to buy a bigger size in order to get a REAL oversize effect!

Fifth Outfit:

Via Pinterest

For this outfit, I could not find the same exact colors of the shoes and the bag but the whole outfit looks extremely similar to Hailey’s one.

Beyond being elegant, this outfit is so simple: what I like the most is the contrast between the oversize jacket and the tight set.

Sixth Outfit:

Via Pinterest

This is the perfect daily outfit: it is so simple to replicate and makes you look great. The combination of loose trousers and striped tee has an unmistakeable streetwear touch!

Seventh Outfit:

Via Pinterest

Let’s talk about this outfit: how cute it is? ZAFUL’s shirt perfectly resumes the design and pattern of Hailey’s one: of course, I advise you to buy 1/2 bigger sizes to get the same oversize effect…

Other than that, you would look so Hailey, spending around € 63,51.

Eighth Outfit:

Via Pinterest

That’s absolutely my fav outfit: I am so in love with this wool set matched with those amazingly beautiful Gucci furry slippers. My outfit proposal is really similar BUT certainly more affordable than Hailey’s one:

Ninth Outfit:

Via Pinterest

The outfit I am proposing to you is almost identical to the real one. I really love how everything looks and the contrast between the vinyl pants and the wool sweater.

Tenth Outfit:

Via Pinterest

This outfit is the result of the combination between comfortability and style: I absolutely love how she assembled these pieces together. They look incredibly cool worn this way!

IF you would like to have more posts like this one, comment below: I still have many other Hailey’s outfits saved to replicate for you!

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PS have a look also at @haileybiebercloset which is so inspiring for outfits and new brands to wear!

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