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IF you are an assiduous Hypothetical reader, you would absolutely know that the topics we deal with focus on unconventionality. Therefore, what’s better than talking about a brand that is born to be unconventional?

Today, I want to introduce you a new fashion brand called FUORIUSO (meaning out) which is exclusively designed for unconventional consumers. In simple words, FUORIUSO is a clothing label targeting people who are looking for simple but contemporary and elegant looks. It delivers value to those always on the road whether they are reaching exotic destinations or metropolises.

To sum up, FUORIUSO serves unconventional outfits for wild travellers, providing all the essentials between sweatshirts, tees, shorts and a wide range of swimswear (both for men and women). No need to say that all FUORIUSO items are refined and made up of precious fabrics.

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Since I found extremely interesting the concept behind FUORIUSO, I wanted to go in depth, acknowledging more about it. Therefore, today I will be interviewing Lupo Sconciaforni, Project Manager of FUORIUSO. He will explain to us why FUORIUSO, what’s the concept behind, the brand setting, its main promotional events and future goals.

IF you would like to meet Lupo and learn more about FUORIUSO, I advice you to keep reading (swipe right for the Italian translation):

For those who do not know the brand yet, can you better explain the concept behind?

Why did you called the label FUORIUSO?

What categories of products do you offer for either man and woman?

Would you differentiate into other categories in the future?

Right now, the fashion industry is embracing sustainability: is sustainability important for your brand?

You made many promotional events to sponsor your brand, do you wanna talk about the last one in Palazzo Dama? Are you interested in organising new events?

What are your main inspirations for the style of the brand?

What about your future goals?

IF you got interested about this brand, I suggest you to check their website and social media out:

For further information:

  • E-mail: info@fuoriuso.eu
  • Phone Number:  +39 06 93 477 271

Until next post, STAY TUNED!!!!

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