IF you want to discover which season you are, join this colour analysis session!

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IF you are scrolling your IG feed, I cannot believe that you have not listened yet to your favourite influencers talking about the colour analysis. IF you are a guy, you certainly would not know what I am talking about. However, IF you are a girl, you may know. In both cases, let me explain.

The colour analysis is essential to identify the season and related colours that a woman should consider wearing both in terms of make-up and outfits. The understanding of the belonging season can help women to revolutionise their looks and image.

Moreover, the colour analysis is also key to enhance a woman’s traits, conveying that touch of class that she might need to feel confident.

Pic Via Miriam Razza/ Credit to Federica Rossi D’Arrigo

Recently, I got interested in the topic and I believe that understanding how the colour analysis works needs a lot of commitment and expertise. So, who better than a real colour analysis expert can explain this to you?

And here, it comes into play Miriam Razza, who beyond being a talented make up artist and cosmetic stylist, is also an expert of colour analysis and today, she will be our guest!

So, let’s jump into the actual interview and let’s start asking her some technical questions to get a better understanding of the colour analysis:

Pic Via Miriam Razza/ Credit to Federica Rossi D’Arrigo

What is the Colour Analysis?

The Colour Analysis is a method based on the color theory that allows to analyze the chromatic characteristics of each one of us: its aim consists of identifying the tones that enhance a person the most.

By convention, we identify four seasons: according to the type of season you are, you are assigned with a different palette.

In order to identify the season, you have to take into account three main subgroups: the undertone (warm or cool), the intensity (bright or soft) and the value (light or deep), which are analyzed throughout the colour analysis sessions.

How do the colour analysis sessions work?

During a colour analysis session, the season of the client is identified by the means of the famous drapes technique, which consists of placing cloths of precise shades on the face.

At a glance, some of them are very valuable: they illuminate the complexion and attenuate imperfections; others are instead debasing, darkening and extinguishing the gaze, while flattening the volumes.

This allows us to then define the subgroup in order to build a personalized palette: each of us has different tastes and needs. As a matter of fact, the figure of the image consultant is used to find the best way to customize your own image.

Can you give us some examples of association between celebrities and their seasons?

Let’s start with SPRING: the season of warm and bright colors. A perfect example of Spring is Emma Stone, who beautifully works with coppery hair and the yellow gold: the brilliance of her eyes and the enhancing effect of the more orange tones leave no doubts.

A beautiful example of SUMMER is Elle Fanning: her diaphanous and pinkish complexion and blond hair make her in harmony with the soft and dusty pastel shades. Not by chance, she was chosen to play the role of a Disney princess!

Queen of AUTUMN is J Lo, enhanced by all the colors of the Earth and wonderful with the gold color. The makeup looks with bronze shades and the warmest nudes, often difficult to wear, enhance her complexion which results harmonious and natural.

As an example of WINTER, I always like to show Amy Winehouse. Perfect with cold and intense shades, she divinely holds up the black color: this is testified by the raven hair and the eyeliner that have always been the hallmarks of her look.

How the colour analysis can valorise today’s women?

The colour analysis is fundamental to understand how to get the best out of it: color choices are often decisive, not only for women but also for men!

Knowing which shades of colors are the most suitable allows us to shop more consciously, saving time and money and facilitating color combinations. In the same palette, everything matches everything!

Via Miriam Razza IG Account

The effect you get when you wear the colors of your season is a fresh and rested face, with brighter eyes, skin and smile: overall an elegant and harmonic attitude!
This does not work only for clothing, but also for make up products: in makeup, the choice of nuances is key to improve how your face looks.

The colour analysis advice, however, goes well beyond the technical notions: carving out time to take care of your image helps you to acquire confidence and feel better not only with yourself but also with others.

Tell us, IF possible, what simple tricks can we use to test ourselves and roughly understand our season:

One of the most effective methods to determine the undertone is to place a cloth or some jewels (first golden and then silver) on your face: gold enhances the warm and sunny seasons (Spring Autumn), while silver is in harmony with the cold and lunar complexions (Summer and Winter).

However, we must be very careful: an inaccurate analysis can lead us to make serious mistakes! Before redoing your wardrobe or dyeing your hair, you should consult a professionist.

I know that you are a really talented make up artist too. Can you indicate us a makeup that would enhance the traits of each woman type?

Yes, of course. I show you 4 make up looks that I realised for each season. In the caption under each make up, a detailed explanation is provided:





IF a reader is interested in contacting you for a colour analysis session, how should He/She do?

On my Instagram profile, I often give advice on the colour analysis. In addition to the more technical explanations, I also share the answers to the questions I am asked the most: to understand more, you can even contact me by direct message on IG or by e-mail!

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