IF you want to make a worthy investment buy- October edition

After the first, It took me a while to develop the second column of The Hypothetical Blog, but here we are.

Freshly and new, let me introduce the second column of The Hypothetical Blog, aimed at entertaining readers with new proposals of crucial ‘investment buys’. It is called “IF you want to make a worthy investment buy” and it will be nothing but a flash post, sharing ideas around on- trend, useful or not, convenient products to invest in that specific month!

Given the wider audience of readers, the column will be generously inclusive towards everyone’s needs – so, do not drop the reading and keep it up!

You never know what you might be desperate for.

Here’s my shot out to 5 brilliant products that are personally worth the buying in this uncertain October, made up of warm and enveloping afternoons, alternated by freezing mornings.

  1. IF you are a skin enthusiast– Try @Rhode Skincare

Beyond being Justin’s wife, Hailey Bieber is also well-known for her latest launched but extremely successful skincare line, Rhode.

After having tested the lip peptide treatment and been very satisfied, I recently happened to try the viral Glazing Milk. It is nothing but a very lightweight essence, perfect for preparing your skin to any type of product layering. IF you are looking for prompt and hydrating shine (especially during this lunatic October), be aware that it instantly leaves your skin luminous and of course, “glazed”.

2. IF you are a tee person (unisex proposal)– Stand out

Tees have always been a dilemma for myself. It ain’t easy to find the perfect, unisex tee with a good fit and a versatile layout. Surely, the intensive researches for my brother’s birthdays/Christmas/graduation presents helped me out to build up the following list:

Given this October warm weather, tees have become an essential piece of need in everyone’s wardrobe.

3. IF you are into flat shoes– Make it fun!

Flat shoes in the shape of ballerinas or loafers represent a statement piece at the moment in the fashion industry. Among my luxury and non luxury proposals, I would suggest you the following shoes, especially given the -still warm- weather outthere!

Image gallery image

Image gallery image

Image gallery image

Image gallery image

Image gallery image

Image gallery image

4. IF you are work-aholic– But in need of comfort

Another good investment buy for October and its new job beginnings is this foot stool aimed at foot and body resting, while working. It will not only prevent any type of pains like the foot, neck, back ones, but also enhance your performance. The more comfortable the better!

5. IF you are always on the way– Shake it off!

Exactly like September, October is a very busy month. People are officially back from holidays and work is getting intense. Therefore, smart and quick solutions is what pragmatic individuals are keen on spending!

Work launches, healthy snacks during mid-mornings? They are not a problem anymore ever since the portable shaker was introduced in the market:

Until the month of November, let’s keep swimming (and spending) !

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