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Especially when I lived there, I have always believed that New York had a special influence on how you get dressed. People in the City have their own way of styling pieces, swimmingly mixing and matching colours, fabrics and lengths.

The renowned fashion bible series “Sex & the City” is a striking example of how both native and adopted New Yorkers like customising their own way of being fashion, outfitting a ballet skirt with a blazer always effortlessly!

Once back to reality though, I love to think that Carrie Bradshaw is not only a character in a girly TV series. I like to believe that there are many Carrie that come to life when in New York, ready to spread awareness on how free fashion styling should look like.

Fashion-wise, one of them must absolutely be Sophie Cohen, known in art as SoCo. She has a unique fashion style, made up of an attentive vintage research and unprecedented New York driven taste.

Via Sophie Cohen IG profile

IF you want to learn about the art of dressing up with SoCo, please keep exploring the article!

1. For the ones you are new to, how would you describe your personal style?

I like to define my personal style as really girly, funky and eclectic. I love to wear a lot of color, prints, animal prints, and sparkle. In other words, everything that is very feminine and gives a unique edge to an outfit! Kind of a mix of trendy with a new taken, and really make it my own! I have a very individual style.

Via Sophie Cohen IG profile

2. I saw on your IG account that you have a wider selection of rare designer items. Where do you source them?

I have sourced pieces from all over the country and the world. But I really get a lot from my mum’s, who owns a luxury resale store in Seattle, Washington called @the_refindcloset. Here, they have the most amazing selection of luxury resale items and that’s where I get a lot of pieces.

These pieces come from various women’s closets from all over the country, mostly America, but I find also good pieces in NYC, even walking down the street. I further look for great designer pieces also when I travel to other cities such as Paris or London.

3. When buying a piece, what are the main features leading you to purchase?

When I am buying a piece, I try to think about. I like to collect and curate pieces. Plus, I am in a point in my wardrobe where I have pretty much everything I need.

I am not looking for something to do a job: my closet is more of a collection of really special pieces and that’s what makes my style eclectic and unique. To wrap up, when I make a purchase, it is mostly based on a gut feeling, thinking “oh, this could be a good addition to my collection or this could be very me.”

IF you are hesitant about something in your dressing room instead- trust me- you are not likely to wear it in real life! But, take that with a grain of salt!

4. How did you grow your brand on social media?

I started my social media account when I was a senior in high school, which is almost 8 years ago, and I just wanted to create a place where I could really share with my peers, friends and myself what I was wearing (that was way before being an influencer was really a thing lol).

This process of self-exposure helped me to grown into myself, making me realise that I really love sharing that side of myself with the world. I really love connecting with people on this topic.

I believe it is known that fashion is shallow and materialistic, but instead, it really is such a great way to connect with people and make a person feel confident and like her/his true self.

In addition, I grew my brand also by keeping up with time. When Tik Tok app came out, I started using it as a platform to share and through it, I was be able to enhance a bigger audience.

Playing around with Tik Tok, Instagram reels and all the upcoming trends helped me increase my following, keeping staying authentic to myself while experimenting new things.

5. How did you manage to stick to your style over time, especially living in a city like NYC that keeps influencing you in many different ways ?

Great question! Being in NYC actually helped me to stick to my style more than any other places in my life because I think I have always had a very specific sense of style BUT certain social norms, going to high school, or college, and being surrounded by people who did not dress up same way as me, made me believe you have to dress a certain way to fit in.

Via Sophie Cohen IG profile

One of my favourite things about living in NYC is that everyone is so authentic to themselves and people are not afraid to take risks, and wear crazy stuff. I walk down the street every day and see people in the craziest outfits and I love it. Everyone has embraced me when wearing crazy outfits. Being here inspired me just to step further and further in my individual style and really be comfortable and confident and let that shine through!

I am very good at sticking to my style and sticking out. I never like to wear something – and that is why I do a lot of vintage shopping- that everyone else is wearing! I will never buy something that I see on someone and I want it- that’s not how I rule!

I believe that shopping second-hand helps to create your own sense of style and therefore, be unique!

6. Last but not least, if you were our personal stylist of the day, what statement pieces from which brands would you suggest for this autumn-winter season?

OH! Good question.

At the moment, I really love coats from Charlotte Simone: they are really good pieces and I love statement coats, especially for the Fall! Plus, I really like some Stand Studio Coats too.

As for bottoms, I am looking for fun shoes especially for the holiday season like Mary Janes, Kitten Heels, Ballet Flats, or Boots. Recently, I have been loving the accessible offer proposed by Sam Edelman!

Another brand I have been loving lately for shoes is the Spanish brand Lola Cruz– which recently sent me a pair of cherry red loafers, definitely my best accessory to wear this fall!

And you know me, I like all the vintage. In vintage stores, you will find great pieces to space up your wardrobe and add unique pieces. What is great is pairing them up, still keeping your closet up-cycled and made of unconventional items!

Plus, I would focus on accessories like Scarfs from Antropologie and Acne Studios.

To conclude, I am also loving chunky, cozy sweaters by MAIAMI Berlin: check them out!

IF I were you, I would stick to her advices to be on top of trends this upcoming fall…

Until next post, Keep Swimming (& Styling ofc) !!!

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