IF you were casually styling runway pieces: FW23 edition

Fashion month is over but with a grand finale meticulously staged by the majestic Versace in Los Angeles. Many interesting pieces were proposed on the runways and today, for the newest column “IF you were casually styling runway pieces”, I will highlight few of them.

I will personally pick five crucial looks from each Fall/ Winter 23 fashion week, making sure to style them in the most casual and simple way possible!

Are you ready? Well, IF so, let’s start!

IF at Paris Fashion Week:

  1. Valentino

I really loved every piece from Valentino FW 23 collection as I felt that every look could be easily styled on the everyday life. Among the wide variety of looks, I picked one in between preppy and office style, which really screamed confidence, elegance and sophistication!

Credits to The Hypothetical Blog

I believe this look could be played down IF styled with a denim, long skirt (on trend today!) as of the bottom and a cute oversize trench on top! These casual additions will not only complete the outfit, but also further highlight the unique oversize mohair sweater and the black tie shirt underneath!

Plus, I think that the length of the denim skirt would be of the perfect measure IF you want to enhance those insanely –perfect and impossible to pass unseen– boots!

IF at London Fashion Week:

2. Christopher Kane

London Fashion Week served amazing looks, I have to admit. However, my absolute favourite was a look from the Scottish designer Christopher Kane!

Nothing but a sexy, tight, long dress with a crowded pig fabric that gives absolute playfulness to the whole look still, making it elegant and fashion forward!

Credits to The Hypothetical Blog

Even though the outfit seems extremely curated, I decided to make it even more fun! Adding a shearling, oversize cropped top and a pair of metalic, high heeled boots was the most logical step in order to make this look desirable yet playful!

IF at Milan Fashion Week:

3. Jil Sander

It becomes absolutely hard not to not mention the one and only Jil Sander as one of the big protagonists of Milan Fashion Week. For this Fall/Winter 23, Jil Sander made his part in proposing mind-blowing and extremely innovative looks.

Among my favourites, there is one in particular, which I would label as the futuristic look. Cuff on head, bold shape and representative manifestos on garments make this look extraordinary yet still very representative of the brand .

Credits to The Hypothetical Blog

It may seem difficult to play down with this look , but trust me, it is possible! Honestly, under this camp top, I would wear something tighter: what is better IF not some blue stockings recalling the shade of the top designed cherries? Plus, I would style this look with two main accessories: tone-to-tone blue Tabi booties and a touch of color fulfilled by the beautiful, yellowish Kalimero Bucket by Bottega Veneta!

Honestly, I am living for this look!

IF at New York Fashion Week

4. Coach

New York Fashion Week is usually characterized by developed and developing brands. Among the different and numerous events, my favourite look was the New York Share the Love look (as I like to call it lol).

Given my passion and extreme love for the City, I could not not go for this long, striped and torn, turtle-neck dress.

Credits to The Hypothetical Blog

Although the look is simple and easily wearable, I believe that there should be two additions to make. First, I would style the dress with a very equestrian -Ralph Lauren giving- belt in order to fill the void given by the straightness of the dress. Secondly, I would wear this puffy bomber open to further accentuate the big apple design on the top.

After all, this is the perfect look to daily dominate both 5th Avenue and Upper East Side sidewalks!

IF in Los Angeles

5. Versace

Last but absolutely not the least, it comes Versace, which skipped the Milanese runways and opt to go overseas in L.A.

As expected, the looks were bold, colorful, elegant, fashionable and extremely sophisticated. Within the collection, the opening look worn by Gigi Hadid completely blew my mind. I cannot stand the idea of not having in my closet one of those blazers with that extremely fashion-forward fit!

Credits to The Hypothetical Blog

Starting from this very chic yet formal look, I decided to play down a little, giving it a sporty vibe!

Therefore, according to my vision, Gigi will wear the iconic blazer with these Blumarine cargo pants rather than her original long, tailored skirt. Plus, these innovative-shaped heeled booties by Off White will give the final outfit a further street-style contamination: therefore, they are in!

To end the look, I will accessorise Gigi with this green, shimmery The Attico bag ! Enchanting, right?

What do you think? Which looks did you like down the runways? And… How would you style them?

IF interested comment, and remember, do not stop to Keep Swimming (Please)!

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