IF you are trying to keep 2023 New Year’s Hope up!

IF 2023 is entering the chat and you feel threaten, do not worry! Here it follows a list of reassuring questions you should ask yourself to keep the New Year’s Hope up and make it last longer than expected!

Most of us, when starting the New Year, have the assumption of suddenly turning into a new person. Is it really what we should do to motivate ourselves while approaching the next era?

There is no right or wrong here. It depends on the person you are and how much you are looking for into yourself. Sometimes, the urgency of change as a consequence of the stroke of the clock (of the new year) is not the most suitable approach for every personality out there (even the most determined one).

People can be many things, they can be shy, hard-working, fearful, motivated but also unsure and unconfident. Plus, the surroundings appear differently on every individuals’ sight and therefore, the reactions to the New Year can be various. The most important thing, though, is to keep the flame of hope up and not let it fade away.

Often, the presumption of having every aspect of our lives under control (family, friends, relationships, professional life, mental health, social, passions) becomes a complicated “bittersweet” job to handle. And not everyone is capable of successfully doing it in the long-term.

Keeping the New Year’s Hope up and being confident in everything (good or bad) the New Year brings along should not be underrated. As the year proceeds its path, you can get lost or even temporarily distracted by your focuses and the hope is gone. Or sometimes, you can get too comfortable with a recurring scenario you are used to and too satisfied of what you have that you do not actually keep moving. Hence, the hope is gone again.

So, IF this happens, how do you cope with it?

How do you keep that flame of Hope burning and burning? Does being suddenly a new, apparently better person on Jan 1st, really make the difference?

Honestly, I do not know. But I am sure that as anticipated in the previous post IF you want to keep swimming , focusing on your own SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) can help to keep swimming.

So, here is what I did. Starting from myself, I thought that pulling out a list (you know how much I love them) with challenging questions I would “provoke” myself and then, you all could be the most logical tool to keep this year hope up!

Shall we try? IF yes, ask these yourself!

  1. Are you spending enough quality time with your mum and dad?

It might feel like an obvious question but mums and dads are the best helpers in the mission of keeping the hope high and up! They are always there to cheer us up, no matter what are our potentials and the final results. Parents are our partners in dreaming (I like to imagine mine that way) and having them by our sides aids to keep the standards high, never give up and always dream.

Spending time with mine for instance, opens up opportunities and most of the times, inspire me to be more. Dreaming with them about what I will be capable and the future achievements sets an example fo keeping 2023’s Hope up!

2. Are you exploring new people that are not the ones you are always comfortable with?

Being out of the comfort zone is the best life teaching lesson. Being out and exploring new activities and consequently people can be an option when trying to keep it up as it represents the best opportunity to listen, learn and improve. Different perspectives and different journeys are sources of learning! We shall just be enough brave to stand up instead of being sit in that safe place.

Being too attached to routines and same people may result in the hope fading away.

3. Are you dedicating enough time and focus to your professional life (not excluding passions and hobbies still)?

Even though I am super planned and schedules-based person, I believe that sometimes it is not enough in helping avoiding to get lost.

Growing up, I realised how fundamental is to write down what is locked in my head. Journaling and goal setting are what personally help me to stay focused on what matters the most (to me) between career, health and relationships. Though, it is not a natural and easy process to embrace. It takes time but still, represents a beneficial tool I am using to direct focus and awareness towards my achievements.

I am also trying my best to improve in filling these schemes and always try to prioritise little of my time in doing it.

4. Are you saving up money to reward yourself with “a special purchase” sometimes ?

Saving up money can be an opportunity to keep the Hope up! You pick your favourite destination to travel, your favourite handbag to slay in or your favourite latest dropped tech accessory and then, you start saving.

Saving up money works as a simulation of real life goals achievement. It requires motivation, hard-working and mostly, hope.

And now, tell me, what is the the answer to those questions?

IF most of the answers is a YES, I believe you are trying your best to keep the flame of 2023 year Hope burning!

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