IF you want to look 10 years younger, take note

IF you want to look 10 years younger and you are looking for instant solutions, I suggest you to read this post very carefully! You would not regret it.

Recently, I got to know 4BrandUp (@4brandup), a distribution company that does an attentive selection of high quality cosmetics brands, internationally based. It distributes them to Italy and other regions where these brands are still unknown. The thing that really attracted me to collaborate with them has been the great attention and commitment they put within their selection. Every product of each brand is natural and without any harmful components for your skin. You cannot go wrong with their brands!

Therefore, I am extremely excited to announce that this post will be proposing new and unconventional products (selected and distributed by 4BrandUp), whose unicity consists of the natural ingredients, versatility to every type of skin and cute packaging. Are you ready to discover what they sent me?

Well, let’s start this virtual unboxing and let’s see which brands’ products may fit your skin better.


Firstly, they sent me some products from ELLEbyCollagena brand, which is the result of the latest collaboration between the newyorker Elle magazine and the french beauty laboratory Collagena. IF you are curios to know more, you should be aware that this newly born brand sells a wide array of masks and patches in hydrogel. These masks have an immediate effect, leaving your skin smooth, fresh and glowy.

Depending on your type of skin and personal taste, you can decide among a huge variety of sheet masks for your face, eye and lips patches. IF you are willing to trust me, let me advice my favourite ones:

1. The Coconut Sheet Mask

This mask is made up of natural ingredients such as marine collagen, acide hyaluronic and coconut milk. This combination hydrates and nourishes your skin, making it extremely luminous and smooth. It is suggested to keep it on for 15/30 minutes to actually feel its result.

IF you are a skincare guru like me, you already would know that after the mask, it is mandatory to add two drops of serum on your skin. This combination would be a bomb!

2. The Hydrogel Mask

IF you are looking for a product that lifts and corrects the age signs, you have to try this miraculous sheet mask. Its formula contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, oats and chlorella. It is absolutely incredible the effect that it leaves on your skin: even after couple of hours, the skin still feels smooth and clean. You should definitely give it a TRY!

3. The Anti-Age Mask

IF your skin looks dry, I would suggest to try this sheet mask which is super hydrating thanks to its components like the marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and the natural extract of Grenade. These natural ingredients give benefits to the skin, like hydration and prevention of lines. Therefore, IF you are looking for accessible but high-quality products, this would be a good choice!

4. Lip patch

IF you want to get a plumping effect on your lips, I suggest you to purchase one of this. At a super accessible price of around €3, you would have your lips hydrated and plumped up!

5. The eye patch

Given that it is a period of huge stress, I always like to hydrate my under eye with the ELLEByCollagena eye patches. These eye patches are extremely hydrating and after you apply them, you will notice the difference. You will feel your under eyes lighter and fresher!


Another extremely good brand that I had the chance to discover thanks to 4BrandUp is Herbal Essentials. The latter has to do with natural cosmetics. The quality is high and the price is extremely competitive. This brand has products made up of natural ingredients straight from Himalaya to create cosmetics that are suitable to every type of skin from dry to oily.

1. Gentle Renewal Scrub

This brand really fascinated me thanks to its scrub. Indeed, its scent is so natural as the product is made up of sunflower seed oil and Kaolin. The scrub is very gentle and you need just a little quantity twice a week to have a smooth and glowy face.

IF I had to suggest my absolutely favourite product among the ones I received, that would be the gentle scrub 100%!

2. Brightening Cream

An important element in everyone’s skincare routine is the moisturiser and therefore, it is crucial to understand which product best suits your skin’s necessities. For instance, I really loved this one by Herbal Essentials which is made up of liquorice root extract and aloe vera. Both products (the scrub and the cream) are respectively 98% and 95% natural , reassuring its customers that anything harsh is going to harm their skin.

IF you are interested in purchasing one of these products, I suggest you to start following 4BrandUp on Instagram and visit their website! There, you would find all the necessary information of the different brands and products… You cannot miss the scrub and the lip patch by ELLEByCollagena in your beauty case, I am telling you!

Therefore, start purchasing your favourite products and stay tuned because I will keep you posted about my next favourite ones…

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