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IF you are a gluttonous kinda type, your mouth will be watering while reading this post. Therefore, IF you wanna have a look at the most beautiful and delicious cakes of London, you do not have to miss it. This post will allow you to meet the English cake boss who is a young, talented woman turning her passion into an actual job. She humbly started making cakes and worked hard until she made it, opening a cute cake shop in East London and becoming the most loved British artisan baker.

Passion, determination and talent is what brought Lily to success and now, let us explain her story. Why US? Well, today, Lily will be our guest and she will be personally telling us her journey and future expectations.

Therefore, let’s jump directly into the interview:

I read you started to selling out cakes at a market in East London, from that moment on you became the most loved British artisan baker. What do you think was key in reaching your success?

“Just through loving what I do, and not trying to over commercialise it , which has meant I have been able to keep being experimental and creative, and making cakes with quality ingredients and with love.”

This answer makes clear that nowadays, creativity, hard-work and a right selection of inputs is what makes the difference. Given these uncertain moments, it is rather better to look at the quality than the quantity because people think according to the famous saying “Less is More.”

2. How did your passion for cakes started? Did someone in your family transmit it to you?

Apparently, the passion for baking and decorating cakes was transmitted by her grandmother since she was very little. As she mentioned, her grandmother was her main inspiration. Lily accurately said “my grandmother loved to bake and she taught me when I was young.” Indeed, being together and making cakes was a great opportunity to spend time together, experimenting and creating something new every time. Lily described it as “something completely magical.”

3. You did create amazing pieces of art (cakes). Which cake is the one you are most proud of?

Via Lily’s instagram profile

“I love the cake we made for my 10 year anniversary last year!” As you can see from the IG post above, the 10 years anniversary cake marked an important achievement for Lily. This celebratory cake was aimed at highlighting this important moment, while also engaging Lily’s followers. IF you went to her shop that day to see the amazingly beautiful cake, you might get prizes. Among the prizes, you could get a hamper of baking goodies, a subscription for flowers, a lunch for 4 and many other cute gifts.

Indeed, such workshop organised for the 10 years anniversary is even remarkable as all the proceeds were given to support the initiative #GenerationCovid by Unicef.

Among the other cakes Lily made, I would like to show you my favourite ones (via Lily IG account):

4. What was the most challenging moment in your career so far?

Probably the pandemic. It completely upturned the business, weddings and events cancelled,  and we lost 90% of our footfall. I was forced to close for over 6 months and it’s still very slow. It’s been a tricky time for everyone, but it was important for me to stay open and baking for people locked down at home.

5. To the youngest generation hungry for success, what would you suggest?

“Spend time developing your skills and a style thats unique to you!” that’s what Lily promptly said.

IF this is what Lily suggests, I would absolutely follow it. She is totally right by saying that to make things happen, you need time, dedication and patience. The latter is key to achieve expected goals. Nothing will arrive as soon as you want it.

6. When making a cake do you follow specific guidelines or does the process come naturally for you? Do you like experimenting with new ingredients?

“I love experimenting! There are rules and physical and chemical processes in place when it comes to baking, understanding those and where you need to be strict with a recipe lets you enjoy its freedom, and the space you have to be creative.”

7. I read that you made beautiful cakes for the well-known designer clothing store Browns East. Can you tell us more about it?

IF you are not familiar with Browns East, you should know that it is a designer clothing store, displaying luxury and fashionable pieces. Not too distant from the store concept of Dover Market, still in London.

Lily was actually asked to bake cakes for the store, dedicating each of them to a specific designer. IF you wonder how the Jacquemus cake looks like, you should definitely have a look to the video below.

Via Browns East IG account

As Lily also added, “you can see them here!

8. I saw that you wrote a recipes book, do you have any other plans for the future? For instance, would you consider doing a TV program as your next move?

Via Google Search

To conclude, Lily wanted to make clear her plans for the future. “I have never been very interested in tv and writing lots of books, but potentially will do another one one day. My next goal is to set up a school, teaching people to bake and decorate the cakes of their dreams”, she said.

IF you want to purchase Lily’s recipes book, here you have the link!

IF you want to reach her out for your birthday, wedding or any other occasion’s cake, I suggest you to contact her through:

  • Instagram Account
  • Website
  • Personal E-mail: lily@lilyvanilli.com
  • Her bakery is located at the Courtyard, 18 Ezra St, London E2 7RH IF you want to reach her personally.
Via Amazon

IF you loved meeting Lily as I did, you should definitely plan to order and taste something from her delicious and beautiful creations. Meanwhile, STAY TUNED, you would never know what can happen!

Until next post, XOXO.

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