IF you want to join a cooking masterclass with Bananna Kitchen

Brief Introduction of Bananna Kitchen

IF you are starving and you are eager to cook something fresh, healthy and delicious for your dinner, this is the right post for you!

As a matter of fact, this ultimate post will include a video interview to my talented friend Anna Fantini, owner and founder of Bananna Kitchen. IF you have not heard of Bananna Kitchen yet, it is nothing but a cooking blog. However, it is not an usual cooking blog but it is a special one.

It includes simple but delicious recipes that combine tradition, healthiness, freshness and quality. Today, I am so excited to present this amazing project we made together. It is a video interview designed to guide you through the preparation of home-made ravioli filled with pumpkin and ricotta.

While making this recipe, I was also asking Anna some questions about her blog, background and current job at Al.ta Cucina. Do you wanna know how everything started? Are you curios to discover how Anna got passionated about cooking? Do you wanna know some info about her short experiences to boost her cooking skills?

IF you want to know all these things, you do not have nothing to do but watching this mini interview. So worth the watching: trust me!!

IF you want to know what is needed to start the recipe:

IF you want to know what’s the first step of the recipe while discovering more about Anna’s blog:

IF you want how to make the pasta dough and what are Anna’s main rules in the kitchen:

IF you want to know what’s next step in the recipe and who are Anna’s inspirations:

IF you are curios to know how to make the ravioli’s filling, while acknowledging Anna’s background:

IF you want to know how to combine the actual ravioli, while discovering about Anna’s current job:

IF you want to know how the ravioli taste and what Anna reserves us for the future:

(sorry for the not perfect framing)

IF you loved this recipe, feel free to try it yourself. Even IF I am not a master at cooking, I feel that Anna clearly explained all the passages and made the whole process easy to replicate. I encourage you to make those ravioli because beyond being extremely yummy, they are so fresh and healthy!

Leave a comment in the box and let us know what you came up with: we would share your attempt on our IG account!

IF you liked the format of this post, be aware that Anna and I will have many other ideas in our minds and new posts like these will come up!!

In the meantime, make sure to subscribe to her blog Bananna Kitchen (banannakitchen.com) and follow her IG page!

Having this said, stay tuned until next post!

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