IF you wanna visit Sicily by historic pastry shops


IF you are willing to visit Sicily, this ultimate post will bring you around but in a different way. It will list the best confectionery around the region, suggesting touristic attractions nearby. IF you would like to have scrumptious breaks between visits, keep reading!

Down below, you would find the list of pastry shops I developed while touring around the beautiful Sicily:


1. Bar Artale (Ortigia)

According to my personal taste, Bar Artale is absolutely the best historic pastry shop I have ever tried in Sicily. It is nothing but a combination of quality, freshness, softness and crunchiness. When I went to Ortigia, I stopped by this bar almost every morning because I got obsessed with its cannolo.

Therefore, IF you happen to be in Ortigia, I highly suggest you to try the huge cannolo decorated with pistachio grains on the edges: it is perfect inside out.

IF you feel enough recharged after this breakfast, you should head to Piazza Minerva, where you would find the Athena Temple. It is extremely beautiful and it represents the most ancient monument of Ortigia Island. I highly recommend you to visit it also by night: so romantic and enchanting!

2. Pasticceria di Maria Grammatico (Erice)

IF you happen to be in Erice (little but so pretty historic town of Sicily), you should definitely taste the Genovese of Maria Grammatico pastry shop. This Genovese is a sort of biscuit with an inner heart made up of a sweet lemon cream! IF you are looking for something even creamier and smoother, try the Graffa. In simple words, it is nothing but a donut with ricotta and chocolate chips inside. The value-added of this pastry lies into the traditional and long-standing methods used in the preparation of the pastries. The owner of the store, Maria Grammatico made the confectionery a real touristic attraction: people from all over the world come just to meet the founder in person and taste her specialities.

IF you are willing to walk a bit, go visit the Venere Castle a few steps from this pastry store: the view is definitely breathtaking! You would find many instagrammable glimpses too…

3. Pasticceria Mandolfiore (Noto)

IF you are interested in tasting a REAL Sicilian granita, I promise that you would find one of the best ones at Pasticceria Mandolfiore. Among my best flavours, there are pistachio (of course), ricotta and mulberries. Moreover, there is also mandarin that is lit!

I suggest you to explore this pastry shop and have a long break to taste also some cannoli after the granita. IF you wish to visit the Noto Cathedral, it is really close to Pasticceria Mandolfiore. So, what’s better than this combo?

4. Antica Pasticceria da Gaetano

IF you wanna taste other cannoli and you are in Marsala, you would find Antica Pasticceria da Gaetano as the best pastry shop in town. There is no other confectionery you can compare it with: it has a wide range of choice between pastries, gelato and yummy sandwiches. Since I am a fan of cannoli, the time I went there I took a big cannolo. It was absolutely amazing: fresh ricotta, slice of orange and inner chocolate chips made it so special! I highly recommend this place because it is located in a convenient area that allows you to deeply explore the historic centre of Marsala.

5. Pasticceria Prestipino (Catania)

IF you happen to be in Catania and surroundings, you can bet that the best pastry shop is Bar Pasticceria Prestipino, an historic confectionery opened since 1976. It is absolutely adorable, both the location and the products offered. This bar is in Piazza Duomo (Catania): in the middle of this square, you would find the symbol of Catania which is an elephant statue called u Liotru. On the northern side of the square, you would also see the so-called Palazzo degli Elefanti (the town hall of the city).

6. Pasticceria Capriccio (San Vito Lo Capo)

IF you are on holiday in San Vito Lo Capo, you cannot miss a cannolo at Pasticceria Capriccio. I recommend to try the cannolo of course, but also the pistachio bignè which is smooth and completely filled with a soft, pistachio cream. Nearby, there are not many touristic attractions, but the area is quite nice for a walk. IF you keep going, you may reach the port where many boat excursions are planned or the centre of San Vito Lo Capo, equipped with numerous restaurants to dine. There, you can find one of my favourite restaurants ever where I had a divine dinner: it is called Divino Restaurant and you MUST check it out!

7. Antica Dolceria Bonajuto (Modica)

IF you prefer chocolate to the sweetest, typical cannoli you should definitely have a look at Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, which is an historic chocolate shop where any type of chocolate bars are made. The coolest part of this store lies into the open windows that provide an amazing view of the actual chocolate production to the public. IF you like chocolate in any form and flavour, you should definitely come here! I suggest you to try the salty chocolate, which is a masterpiece of this Modica chocolaterie.

IF you walk around this store, you would meet the Duomo di San Giorgio, which absolutely beautiful inside out. The long stairs to reach it would certainly help burning the fats gained during the previous stop (lol).

Do not miss my recommendations and stay tuned for the SPECIAL POST on September 1st!

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