IF you wanna purchase the healthiest salad, contact Vittorio: the garden guru!

Brief Intro

IF you are willing to read this post, you will be able to meet Vittorio. IF you are already curios, I can tell you that this guy recently started his own project called Mitte Garten aimed at growing fruits and vegetables through an aquaponics system.

IF you are not familiar with aquaponics, you would certainly get an idea of it watching this interesting interview to Vittorio himself. As you may heard later on, Vittorio starts explaining what is aquaponics and why this process is so innovative. Then, the main benefits of aquaponics are analyzed.

The second part of the interview deals with Vittorio’s start-up Mitte Garten. Do you wanna know how the idea came to his mind? Why this name? What are his future goals? You have nothing to do but press play…

IF you wanna know what is aquaponics and how to build an aquaponics system:

IF you wanna know what kind of veggies/fruits Vittorio can cultivate:

IF you wanna know the benefits of aquaponics:

IF you wanna understand how Vittorio got passionate about aquaponics:

IF you wanna know more about Vittorio’s start-up:

IF you wanna know Vittorio’s start-up main goals:

IF you wanna taste with me Vittorio’s strawberries and salad, have a look:

Therefore, IF you got interested in Vittorio’s start-up and you would like to taste its natural and healthy products, I warmly suggest you to visit Mitte Garten website and write down those contacts:

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