IF you are brave enough to found a fashion brand yourself, compete with Ludovico Liprandi!

Via 011express IG Account

IF I look at myself a couple of years ago, I would see a really confused me with so many ideas going on in my mind. Among all of these ideas, there would certainly be the one of developing my own clothing brand. I have always had this idea in my mind, but just by talking about it, I understood how hard it is to turn it into a concrete project.

IF you think just how difficult can be designing a logo or finding a name for your brand that none used before, you may change your mind. And IF you think how hard can be developing an interesting concept around your clothing collection, would you still stick to your idea of founding a brand?

Nowadays, it is not an easy task to do especially in the fashion industry which is really competitive. However, just the bravest try and succeed within it. Among them, worth the mention is definitely Ludovico Liprandi, who at the age of 16 years old, courageously founded 011express, his own streetwear label.

Via Ludovico Liprandi IG Account

IF you do not know him and his streetwear brand yet, you should definitely keep reading the following interview, entirely dedicated to him. IF you are willing to found a brand soon, you should hear what Ludovico has to tell us. Beyond being so talented and young, he is also getting expert about this business: it has been four years that he is actively working in the fashion industry and I am sure he would be so helpful and inspiring for those among you who wanna start their own activity.

Interview to Ludovico

How long ago was 011express born and how did the idea came about?

In October, it’s already four years from the birth of 011 even IF it seems like a lifetime ago to me. Everything started as a result of my simple desire of matching a Yeezy Beluga with something orange. Since I couldn’t find a sweatshirt that satisfied my taste, I decided to create one exactly as I wanted it.

The name 011express came up because it is the prefix of Turin (the city where I am from) and since it worked and looked good on items, we decided to use it.

From the creation of the brand, we can say that it all broke out, especially with the strong support of the tops in the trap scene of the moment. Among them, Charlie Charles was the first supporter, followed by the Dark Polo Gang right after and many other Italian trappers.

Was it complicated to develop a clothing brand in such a competitive industry?

The last thing we thought about was the industry we were trying to break into. And perhaps, I can tell you that that was a bit our luck, considering we were among the first clothing brands to join the trap scene in Italy. However, at 16 years old you hardly realize what it means having a minimum of visibility in such industry.

Being a streetwear label, what are your main sources of inspiration?

I don’t really have any real references as far as people or creatives are concerned. A look at everything is always needed, but I like to be inspired by what I live in that moment, whether it’s on the other side of the world or just a few steps from home. I am a great lover of contemporary art. As far as streetwear is concerned, my main references are in California and Japan.

To better understand Ludovico’s taste in streetwear, I made him a quick quiz about his daily style inspo. IF you wanna see what he likes best, swipe to your right:

Do you design clothes or work with other designers?

The creative part is in my hands. As far as graphic design is concerned, I am lucky enough to collaborate with Alessio, who is a fundamental member in our team.

Which is the collection you have developed that you are most proud of?

If I name just one of them I would be lying. As for the artists the albums represent their children, I would say that this metaphor works the same in fashion.

What are the 3 main tips you would give to young people eager to create their own clothing line?

  1. Differentiating the product first of all;
  2. Building a concrete and long term business plan;
  3. Keeping in mind where you want to go.

Was it difficult to register the trademark for the brand?

Not at all, it’s also recorded in the UK.

What are your future goals? Do you want to diversify the brand into shoes or other accessories?

I would like to get into the West Coast street market, always keeping our concept. We have several projects in mind that also include the musical sphere, with which, by the way, we were born. As far as accessories are concerned, we are working on them because they have always been among our projects.

Therefore, IF you got interested in Ludovico’s story and his brand, you should definitely check his e-commerce and 011express social media accounts out! I will leave them down below:

Since I really like 011express style, I picked these two tees that are absolutely among my fav:

I believe the quality is great and the fabric and the designs on every tee are curated in details. I promise you would love these tees IF you decide to purchase the same ones.

However, since I am a fanatic with shopping, I would certainly buy more from 011express. In my wishlist, you would find the 011express branded rug, the new SS20 collection tee and the grey hoodie:

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