IF you are looking for the newest pair of Nike X Ben & Jerry’s sneakers

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First overview of the sneakers topic

IF you are one of those types fanatic about sneakers, this is the right post for you! IF you enjoy selling or purchasing the latest released sneakers on the market, you already know how hard is acquiring a pair. Therefore, IF you are into hype shoes, you would certainly make most of your purchases both online and in physical reseller stores.

Even IF you are not into the sneakers’ world, I am pretty sure you would find interesting acknowledging how a reseller works and how difficult is dealing with the whole process of purchasing really exclusive shoes!

This next post will be dealing with sneakers and resellers. In order to explain what resellers do and how they manage to find shoes regularly, we will be interviewing the founders of Big Soup Rome: the first Italian reseller.

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Let’s start on reviewing what reselling means: for the ones who are not expert in the field, you do not know that reselling consists of purchasing limited, branded sneakers or garments at a retail price in order to sell them to the public at a higher price. Even IF this form of business primarily appeared in the U.S., now it is getting popular also in Italy. There are many more young people who invest money in fashionable and exclusive pieces, being inspired by trends, idols or fashion bloggers.

Even IF in Italy, this phenomenon seems to be a really profitable activity everyone aspires to start, you should be aware of the real hard-work and committment behind. Every reseller needs to be always on track, constantly working on new releases.


Indeed, IF you aspire to become a reseller and make money out of it, you should consider the following pros and cons:


  • Your passion becomes your job.
  • Profitable business.
  • Have the privilege to get an earlier look at exclusive shoes.
  • Create a community of people loyal to you.


  • High competition.
  • Counterfeit Market.
  • Difficulty in making regular purchases and finding a stable supplier.


Via Big Soup IG account

Moreover, IF you are going to open up such a business, read the following interview of two pioneers in the field in Italy: Sebastiano Fazioli and Stefano Paolini, known also as the founders of the first Italian reseller Big Soup.

(Swipe right for the Italian translation):

How everything started? How did you come up with the logo and that name?

This is the type of business where there are not suppliers, stable sales or purchases. How hard is managing a store and such a niche audience?

Since I have been to Flight Club and Stadium Goods in NYC, I can notice some similarities with your store. Did you take inspiration from those? Which are your main inspirations?

How can you get exclusive products and labels such as the recent collab between Nike and Ben & Jerry’s?

I was impressed by your other projects such as the Big Soup Running Team and Big Soup Laundry. Can you tell us more?

BS Running Team and BS Laundry logos via Big Soup IG account

What is the most popular brand?

Since you are into sneakers, have you ever partecipate to a sneakers convention?

Future projects?

IF you are interested in purchasing a pair of shoes or a limited edition piece of cloth, follow them on IG @bigsoup_rm or visit directly the store which is located in Rome:

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