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IF you are on IG, you may be daily overwhelmed by influencers who often post different photos around the world or promote a new product/service. However, IF you have to remember their names, just the ones of the most relevant bloggers would pop up to your minds. Honestly, IF I had to tell the influencers I enjoy following on IG the most, among them I would certainly say Eugenia Longo, known on Instagram as @ginnnnnnnn.

Via @ginnnnnnnn IG account

IF you do not follow her yet, this post would absolutely be a great opportunity to get to know what’s special about her.

IF you are among her followers (as I am), you may already know that she is a 22 years old girl studying and living in Milan. Since she was little, she had to cope with alopecia. IF you are not familiar with alopecia, it is an autoimmune condition where the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles, leading to a hair loss.

In addition, IF you follow her since ages (as I do), you would know that Eugenia is really creative. Beyond posting photos of her wide range of outfits, she likes developing entertaining content on IG such as the #dresslikegin. This format includes interesting advice on outfits for special or usual occasions depending on the requests of GIN’s followers.

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Via @ginnnnnnnn IG account

IF you always keep yourself updated about her IG profile, you would have found extremely engaging her idea of commenting outfits of the most seen series on Netflix.

Moreover, she owns a Youtube channel dealing with haul, current trends and advice on outfits.

IF you want to subscribe to her channel, this is her YT page:


Therefore, IF you want to get to know her better, I suggest you to read the following interview:

When you started posting content on IG, have you ever imagined that your profile could become so successful?

What do you think attracts the most your followers between the contents you provide and your transparent personality?

Do you think that this activity as influencer on IG may develop into a future job?

Who are your inspirations?

You demonstrated that diversity makes people unique, proposing the alopecia as a strength that makes you unique and not a stereotyped fashion blogger. Therefore, how crucial is to differentiate yourself in the fashion bloggers’ world?

IF you got interested in her story and personality, you should follow her on social media that I will leave you down below:

Instagram: @ginnnnnnnn

Youtube: Gin

Twitter: @ginlongo

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