IF you wanna have those @unghiedellamadonna of Chiara Ferragni!

Isabella Franchi (@unghiedellamadonna)

IF you are seeking for someone to get your nails done, I suggest you to read this post and discover more about the talented Isabella Franchi, the Italian Queen of Nail Art. IF you did not hear of her yet, I cannot believe it: she is gradually getting popular in Italy thanks to the amazing works of art she makes on either usual customers and celebrities’ nails (keep reading IF you want to know who!).

IF you want to get to know her better, she will be our guest today and she will be answering few questions (both in English and Italian in the slideshow):

IF you are a passionate of nail art as I am, you should definitely go through the following images of Isabella’s works:

from @unghiedellamadonna IG account
from @unghiedellamadonna IG account
from @unghiedellamadonna IG account

IF you look at those nails, you can absolutely perceive the creativity and hard-work behind: Isabella takes usually 2 hours in a half to make the nail art and she likes talking and projecting with her clients their nails. IF you wanna get your nails done by Isabella, but you do not have any idea yet, you should definitely get inspired by Chiara Ferragni, Fedez and many more celebs who made nails a consistent and irreplaceable component of their looks. IF you wanna know whose celebs’ nails Isabella curated, scroll down:

IF you would like to book an appointment with Isabella, be aware that she is based in Milan, where she collaborates as a freelancer with Roots Milano (@rootsmilano), an hair saloon and tattoo shop. IF you wanna have a look at her Instagram page (@unghiedellamadonna) you would remain astonished by the beauty of the nails Isabella realised: personally, I perceive her artistic soul and that attention to details and continuing research that she conveys through the numerous works made.

IF I was you, I would book a spot to get your nails done because spots may fly off the shelves soon: cannot wait to go to Milan and get the wildest nail art I have ever done!

Be aware that all the photos have been taken from the IG personal account of Isabella!

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