IF you want a feedback of the recently released KYLIE SKIN products in Europe

IF you are into skin-care, I am pretty sure that you got informed about the latest launch of KYLIE SKIN collection in Europe: on May 22nd, the skin-care line of the Kardashian-Jenner Family’s leader (Kylie Jenner) was finally available in every European Douglas store. IF you want to purchase one, you may either decide between in-store and online shopping.

IF you are not familiar with KYLIE SKIN collection yet, be aware that it is made up of a vanilla milk toner, a face moisturiser, a serum, a foaming face wash, a face scrub and an eye cream.

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IF you wanna have a brief feedback about each product of the set before making an actual purchase, you should keep reading!



IF you are interested into the foaming face wash, you may wanna know that it contains all natural ingredients (as the rest of the set): it is infused with ultra-nourishing kiwi seed oil, packed with Vitamin C and E to maintain moisture and improve elasticity. IF you are looking for a gentle formula that daily cleanses your skin, while removing dirt, oil and makeup, you should definitely take this product into account!

Foaming Face Wash | Kylie Skin

IF you want my personal feedback since I recently bought this foaming face wash, I would say that I am comfortable with it: I like its foaming texture and after using it, I felt my skin super clean and fresh. IF you are looking for a potential make up remover in it, you may not be totally satisfied: from my own experience, it broke down a good amount of foundation, even tho I feel that it works better as a second step kinda cleanser.

IF you wanna know more about the packaging and the “European” price (which is higher than the US due to taxes), here more info.

IF you purchase it in store, you do not certainly have to care about extra delivery costs: IF you directly go to any Douglas store, you would pay the cleanser €29.99.


IF you are interested into the vanilla milk toner, you may surely appreciate its vegan, cruelty free and paragon free composition. IF you look at some feedback (mostly positive) around this product, you would acknowledge that it is a good toner: it is not harsh for any type of skin (either dry and oily skin) and keeps it soft and smooth.

IF you wanna know its main advantages, you should be aware that this vanilla milk toner helps to reduce the size of pores, redness and moisturise the face, leaving the skin fresh, toned and dewy!

IF you wanna know about the price offered at Douglas, be aware that it is available for €27.99.

Vanilla Milk Toner | Kylie Skin


IF you are familiar with the walnut face scrub by KYLIE SKIN, you surely know how much it has been criticised: even tho Kylie herself promoted it is as a really gentle product, it is actually too harsh on skin due to the use of walnuts. IF you are not informed yet, you should know that before the launch of this product in the U.S, the industry went crazy over the adoption of walnuts which many skincare brands avoid due to the increased risk of over-exfoliation. IF you have a sensitive skin, it may be not a good choice because it is too abrasive, cutting your face over and over.

IF you wanna try it, feel free to do it tho but be aware of what mentioned before. If again you wanna know about its “European” price, the vanilla face scrub costs €27.99.

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IF you are looking for a slimy and quite thin moisturizer, you may love Kylie’s one: however, IF you are interested in a more consistent texture, that’s not for you. IF you are considering to purchase the face moisturiser by KYLIE SKIN, you should take into account both pros and cons:

PROS: it includes barrier-protecting ingredients, non fragrant antioxidant plant extracts and skin-beneficial features.

CONS: the only big issue is that it contains a small amount of orange peel extract, which may put your skin at risk for irritation.

IF you are looking for a very meticulous review, be aware that its packaging is not practical at all and according to many, it is not worth the price which is €29.99.

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IF you have the problem of under eye bags, you may wanna consider the KYLIE SKIN eye cream. IF you look at some reviews, you may be surprised by the positive responses of people: it is reported by the majority that this branded eye cream is able to give a cooling sensation under eyes and after applying it for several days, you would tell the huge difference in that sensitive area. IF you are looking for hydration, this product really hydrates your under eyes: it is very thick and you do not need to apply a large amount of it.


IF you are interested in the price, it costs €24.99: many say that it is worth the try!



IF you are interested in buying KYLIE SKIN vitamin C serum, you may be further encouraged to make that purchase by its natural composition: it is infused with vitamin C, which is essential to brighten dark spots, boost collagen production and add free-radical antioxidant protection.

IF you want to know more, you should be aware that this product is really gentle and you can easily use it every morning because it absorbs quickly into skin. IF you’re looking to add a vitamin C serum to your routine and don’t mind spending € 34.99 for such a tiny container, don’t hesitate to buy it: it is absolutely worth the expense!

IF you enjoyed the feedback of KYLIE SKIN collection and got interested in any of these products, go and purchase something!

IF you are gonna try any other product beyond the foaming face washer, comment below and share your feedback with me!

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