IF you wanna be the next guest of Poke House in Turin

IF you are one of those healthy types and live around Turin (Italy) , you would be absolutely excited to hear that just one week ago the latest opening of Poke House happened. IF you are not familiar with it yet, you may wanna know that Poke House is an aesthetically beautiful store proposing fresh, delicious poke bowls.

IF you are interested in a healthy meal at any time of the day starting from the early morning to the late evening , be aware that Poke House Menu ranges from acai bowls and energetic smoothies to poke bowls, originally an Hawaiian meal, revisited in a Californian key. Why California? IF you wanna know about the idea behind Poke House, you should acknowledge that this store concept was created by one of the founders, Vittoria Zanetti who after her amazing study experience in California, developed the desire to open her own Poke Bowls place. IF you have not been in California yet, you may not know that the poke bowls format is very popular and trendy among the youth: in the US, these meals are served rapidly and people are allowed to assemble the bowls by themselves as IF they were home.

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IF you wonder how Vittoria got inspired, that’s how: after this incredible experience in America, she returned back to Milan where she made her dream come true, opening the first Poke House store together with her long-time friend Matteo Pichi (who had already experience in the gastronomic field). IF you are questioning what was the purpose of Poke House, the answer would be to bring America To Italy, making customers feel like IF they were next to the Santa Monica Pier.

IF you got interested in Poke House which already opened 5 stores in less than a year, do not waste any more time and go check out the Torino one in Via Santa Croce 2, located in Piazza Carlina. IF you did not visit the stores in Milan yet, you would be enchanted by the setting of this new one in Turin: everything is pink, bright and ‘instagrammable’ beyond serving yummy and super healthy dishes! IF you wanna have a look at the details, swipe up:

IF are afraid of COVID-19, be aware that Poke House took all the sanitary measures needed and you would feel absolutely safe as I was when I went there.

IF you wanna know more about Poke House co-founder, Vittoria Zanetti, keep reading the following mini-interview including interesting curiosities about her journey and future projects:

Sunny Salmon: the one I picked!

IF you liked the post and you already have your mouth watering, go immediately to check Poke House out: as I said, you can find it in Piazza Carlina in Via Santa Croce 2. IF you are too lazy, be aware that you can order it online as well.

IF you want to check their social media pages, go follow @pokehouse_official on IG!

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