IF you wanna share any of yours quarantine findings, fill the Worksheet!

IF you are still respecting the quarantine and resting at home, I suggest you to read the following post: it will entertain you a bit, making you think about what you have done so far !

IF you think that this quarantine is just making us waste our time, I would not agree because I believe that this period has been a productive opportunity for everyone (even the laziest) to develop new interests and embrace the concept of rest and reflection.

IF you are curios to know what comes next, keep reading: I prepared for you the FIVE SENSES QUARANTINE WORKSHEET, which you should fill out listing the most relevant, quarantine things you did in relation to the five senses. IF you smelt something new or IF you cooked a special meal you wanna share the taste of, or IF you touched a new item, book cover or cream you purchased online, update us! IF you watched a new movie or TV series or IF you listened to new music, let us know your opinion !

IF you are willing to share some amazing ideas and findings that may delight everyone else quarantine, fill the worksheet out! The most cool ideas and tips would be immediately shared on The Hypothetical Blog IG profile.

IF you wanna get a sense of how you should complete this worksheet, have a look at mine: be aware that you can be creative with it, so there is no right or wrong template!


IF you are looking for a TV series, full of twists and exciting love stories, I suggest you to watch the 8 seasons of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: old but SUPER GOLD! IF you want my feedback, I would say that it is absolutely LIT and I loved it so much: the plot is based on the intertwined lives of four ladies who have been best friends since ages. IF you want to know more, you should be aware that in every season, these 4 women have to deal with mysteries, secrets and homicides…I am not gonna tell anything else other than starting this super worth watching series!


IF you read some of the previous posts on the blog, you may have perceived my interest in skin-care. IF you are obsessed with skin-care and everything related to it too, you should definitely try the new Sleeping Beauty Mask of the Shiseido’s Waso Collection I was recently gifted. IF you are attentive to details, you would surely be enchanted by the beautiful packaging of the Japanese brand. IF you wanna have a closer look at it, scroll down:

WASO Collection- Shiseido (Sleeping Beauty Mask)

IF you open the mask, you would be absolutely amazed by its fresh and delicate scent: beyond the smell, this sleeping mask is so worth the expense because after few applications, you already see results!


IF you have been stuck home for an entire week, what makes you happier IF not grocery? IF I go shopping, I always love to get ready because going shopping represents the only opportunity (as of today, due to the COVID19) we have to get some fresh air and free our minds ! IF I had to think to the last grocery shopping I did, it definitely reminds me of the super casual but COOL outfit I was wearing: jeans, a white tee and an oversize Ralph Lauren’s Shirt (directly from my dad’s wardrobe) combined with my lil, black BALENCIAGA HOURGLASS XS baby. IF I had to think, it seems ages that I was not touching the soft and smooth leather of my fav bag!

IF you do not know it yet, the Balenciaga Hourglass bag belongs to Fall 2019/2020 collection and it is absolutely a dream: I love the leather, the mini size and the retro shape of this Balenciaga! IF you wonder how you can wear it, I feel that it is elegant and perfect for every occasion!


IF you wanna taste something new as I did, I highly recommend you to make the JAPANESE FLUFFY PANCAKES: they are not as hard to make as you may think. IF you are interested in the recipe, this is the one I personally tried:

IF you like pancakes, you would absolutely love this pancakes alternative: so flufffffffy, so gooooood!


IF you are interested in music news (as I am) , you should have certainly heard that three unreleased tracks from Kanye’s “Jesus is King” album leaked online a week ago. IF you have not heard of this news yet, but you got excited in listening to them, here a couple of these unreleased tracks:

IF you enjoyed my findings, but you have even cooler advices to share, don’t hesitate to fill the template! IF you wanna try, save a copy of the template, fill it as you like (through images or written sentences, either work) and then, share it on Instagram, tagging the_hypotheticalblog_ ! I will share the most creative ones: CANNOT WAIT!

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