IF you wanna know the best Roman cuisine restaurants in Rome

IF you are willing to spend a weekend in Rome, you should definitely take note of the following restaurants. IF you like eating traditional, Roman cuisine dishes, you should check all these suggested places out…

IF I had to be accurate, the restaurants would be ranked in line with my personal tastes. IF you are a pasta lover, you would certainly love most of these restaurants… IF you feel ready, keep scrolling and start memorising all the names:


IF you are looking for Trattoria Da Teo, be aware that it is located in Trastevere (the heart of Rome), a really cool neighbourhood, made up of typical restaurants and bars. IF you are still there after dinner, you may also plan to grab a cocktail in one of the numerous bars around. IF you want to go to Trattoria Da Teo, you should definitely book your table in advance because this restaurant is always over-booked.

IF I were you, I would not miss neither a dinner nor a lunch at Trattoria Da Teo: every kind of pasta is paradisiac and you would be amazed by its delicious flavor. IF you are going to have dinner here, be aware that generous portions are given and therefore, I suggest to have a light lunch that would enable to taste as many dishes as possible!

IF it is your first time at Trattoria Da Teo, I recommend you to order some Giudia artichokes (traditional Roman dish) accompanied by fried courgette flowers as for antipasto. IF you wanna see what I am talking about, scroll down:

Roman Artichoke and fried courgette flowers

IF you are wandering why I put Trattoria Da Teo first in the ranking, taste the GRICIA with artichokes (pasta from the Roman cuisine made of cacio cheese, pepper, guanciale and smashed artichokes) and you would understand it… IF you like pasta, after the first bite, you would definitely feel in heaven: this pasta is absolutely adorable! IF you scroll down, you would see the pasta of my dreams:

Gricia with Artichokes


IF you are asking me which restaurant is in second place, my answer would be Trattoria Da Danilo. IF you get there, you would find a real Roman restaurant: many photos of the owners with loyal VIPS (Italian and international) are displayed on the walls…

IF you want to have a full pasta experience, you should definitely reach this place out and order a Cacio & Pepe (kind of pasta from the traditional Roman cuisine made up of cacio cheese and pepper)… IF you pick this one, the waiter would mix the pasta inside a cacio (as it was a pot) before serving it to you…

IF the waiter does so, your pasta would taste completely different and the sauce would give off a more intense flavor once in your mouth. IF you wanna see how the pasta at Danilo is made, swipe up!


IF you are looking for a good Roman restaurant right in the centre of the city, you should definitely go to That’s Amore, which is located just next the majestic Fontana di Trevi…

IF you get in, the place is extremely cozy and I am pretty sure that you would love it at first sight! IF you are looking for a more touristic destination, I reckon that this is the right restaurant for you!

IF you decide to spend the dinner here, I suggest to go no more than four people because That’s Amore is not very spacious… IF you open the menu and you are not sure about what to get, I recommend you to order a Carbonara (kind of pasta from the traditional Roman cuisine made up of eggs and guanciale) this time: they made the best Carbonara I have ever tasted!

IF you wanna have a lil spoiler, scroll down:



IF you wanna try another touristic restaurant but in Trastevere, you would find Grazia & Graziella just next the beautiful Piazza Santa Maria. IF you do not want pasta, be aware that they offer a wide range of dishes ranging from pasta to pizza, meat, fish and salads. IF you follow my advice, you should definitely get a Cacio & Pepe because it is worth the taste! IF you are lucky and the place is not busy, you may also choose whether to have dinner inside or outside!

IF you wanna virtually taste the pasta, have a look down below:

Cacio & Pepe


IF you are eager to visit the Jewish Ghetto (really charming area, worth the visit), you should absolutely stop by the restaurant called Bag’Hetto. IF you wanna try something slightly different from the traditional dishes, this is the right place.

IF you go there, be aware that all the dishes of the Roman cuisine would be prepared with alternative ingredients ( e.g the guanciale): since it is a Jewish restaurant, the plates are made accordingly.

IF you wanna some antipasti as well, I suggest to order some fried eggplants or the Roman artichoke, which is delicious:

IF you are looking for a pasta, I advice you to get the Amatriciana (kind of pasta from the Roman cuisine made up of tomato sauce, pepper and guanciale), which is absolutely perfect! IF you like that spicy flavor, you would love it!

IF you noticed, the guanciale looks different (bc it is ! )

IF you are not full, I would also order a dessert (IF I were you): Bag’hetto offers a wide variety of hand-made cakes, tiramisu and a special Pistachio mousse. IF I had to choose between these options, I would take the Pistachio mousse without any doubts!

IF you wanna have a concrete idea of what I am talking about, keep scrolling down:

Pistachio mousse

IF this post makes your mouth water, like it and comment below which pasta you would get!

PS IF you go to Rome, do not forget this list: it’s the guide to heaven!

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