IF you love getting lost in the malls of Berlin

IF you are that type of traveller who likes planning the tours in a city between entertaining and institutional destinations, I believe that this post is for you! IF you happen to be in Berlin some day, you absolutely need to go to these incredible city malls: KaDeWe and Bikini Berlin.

IF you are seeking for innovation, art, utility, sustainability and vintage, I would suggest you to go to Bikini Berlin. IF you go there, you would find millions of interesting stores selling unconventional pieces. IF you do not believe me, have a look:

IF you are into fashion, there is a boutique displaying local designers’ clothing as well as a vintage shop. IF you like wearing pieces of art rather than regular fashion garments, you should check STUDIO 183 out: it is an experimental pop up shop mixing apparel, clothing and accessories together. IF you wanna see this combination of elements, keep scrolling:

IF you want to do vintage shopping, don’t miss this cool one!

IF you are seeking for perfumes, intense essences and creams, be aware that you would find a little, oriental store exceeding your expectations:

IF you are hungry, do not hesitate to go to Kantini, which includes a wide range of special restaurants (all within the malls)! IF you like Indian, American, Italian, Japanese cuisines, your belly would be fully satisfied:

IF you are on the upper floor, be aware that on the top, there is a beautiful outdoor terrace! IF you wanna see a 360° view of the city, go there and admire such amazing sight…

IF you are seeking for luxury purchases, you would certainly prefer the other, well-known mall in Berlin: KaDeWe. IF you do not know it yet, KaDeWe is the second largest department in Europe after Harrods in London.

IF you enter this space, you would find the most famous luxury brands’ installations displayed. IF you like Louis Vuitton brand, you would be amazed by its giant statue…IF you are curious to see how KaDeWe interior looks like, swipe up!

IF you go upstairs, you would find cosmetics, toys, luxury sportswear, books, kitchen tools and design pieces.

IF you keep climbing the stairs, you would reach the 6th floor where you would find many cravings and delicacies. IF you are a glutton, you would feel like you are in heaven: there is a wide range of donuts, chocolate, snacks, candies displayed…

IF you are an healthy kinda person, I would personally suggest you to try Daluma, an organic bar that makes amazing avocado toasts, juices, acai bowls and salads. IF you want to stop at Daluma, you should definitely have lunch on these weird, but extremely cool tables! IF you wanna see what I am talking about, scroll down!

This is the yummy plate I ate: avo+hummus+bread+confit tomatoes and salad

IF you go on the top floor, you would find many other cool, branded stands and restaurants like these ones:

IF you like flowers, look at these beautiful bouquets displayed:

IF you enjoyed reading about these wonderful malls and its products/services, you should definitely check both KaDeWe and Bikini Berlin out! IF you are in Berlin, don’t miss to visit these places: create memories and make some purchases!

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