IF you wanna know the best runway shows of NY-LN-MI-PA Fashion weeks (Fall 2020)

IF you were not able to follow the fashion weeks going on in New York, London, Milan and Paris, you definitely have to read this post. IF you are interested in fashion, I will rank the best runway shows of each city, providing details and personal comments. IF you are curios to see what is next, keep reading.


IF you are not an expert in the field, you may not know that the order of fashion weeks starts off with New York, followed by London and Milan, and finishes up with Paris Fashion Week. IF you have attended New York Fashion Week, you would have been aware that it took place from February 7th to the 12th of the same month. Many American and international designers presented their F/W 2020- 2021 collections.

IF you want to know my personal opinion, I believe that during New York Fashion Week, the best catwalks have been:


IF you did not follow Brandon Maxwell catwalk, you should be aware that that the entire collection emphasizes the cheetah print. IF you look at the dress worn by the second model, it is made with a liquid-looking material which perfectly highlights the cheetah fabric. IF you like shoes, Maxwell’s collection proposes many leather boots like the ones the first model is wearing: they are presented in a wide range of colours. IF you like evening dresses, check the twisted halter-neck in green satin dress out (last pic)!


IF you are wondering what Marc Jacobs has in store for us, you should flip through the pics of the Fall 2020 collection above. IF you like the brand style, you may love the crewneck and straight-leg trousers (1st pic), the leather coats (4th pic) and the black bra and pants worn by Miley Cyrus (2nd pic). IF you are surprised to see Miley Cyrus showing off, you do not have to because she was actually invited by Jacobs to perform as a model during his catwalk. IF you look at the runway show, you may notice that the brand fully embraces diversity, having curvy girls as models too (3rd pic).


IF you Nicky Zimmermann style and designs, I believe that you would love the new collection. If you go through the slideshow, you would be amazed by the elegant, tiered ruffle frock accessorised with velvet boots (3rd pic). IF you keep scrolling, you would see high waist, long, velvet skirts (2nd pic), elegant shirts with ripples (1st pic) made up of grandma-vibe textile patterns.


IF you did not get it, Palm Angels F/W 2020 collection focuses on the Southwestern spirit. IF you look at the runway show pics, you would be impressed by the ponchos with its indigenous motifs (1st pic) or the exclusive paint-splattered short pants (3rd pic) worn by the two male models. IF you are interested in women’s items, you should pay attention to details such as the double coloured, fringed dress (2nd pic) or the oversize shirt recalling again the paint-splattered stamp (4th pic).


IF you are wondering what were the best London Fashion Week (that took place from February 14th to 18th) looks, you should definitely keep reading:


IF you are into Victoria Beckham brand, you may love how the eponymous designer developed her new English tweed dresses accessorized with tight, leather boots (look at the zoomed 4th pic). IF you like bright colours items, you may appreciate the egg-yolk yellow sweater (2nd) presented on the runway. IF you like puffed sleeves, you would be interested in that one the model in the 3rd pic is wearing: it is absolutely sublime!


IF you wanna know how Burberry catwalk was like, you should scroll through the pics above: the show presented a combo between global influences (that inspired the designer Riccardo Tisci) and the iconic Burberry Tartan (especially in the 2nd pic). IF you like coats, you would love the double layered coat that the model in the 1st pic is wearing. IF you are looking for evening dresses, you should give a try to the shining, sheer dress with an elegant chemise (3rd).


IF you are looking for winter coats, you should definitely have a look at the proposal of JW Anderson: many different shapes, colours, cuts, patterns are displayed during the runway show. IF you like the silhouettes of them, you may also appreciate the puffy detail on the shoulders: the so-called “antique celluloid” (look at 4th pic, 2nd pic too)!


IF you are wondering what were the best Milan Fashion Week (that took place from February 18th-24th) looks, you should definitely keep reading:

  1. GUCCI

IF you are GUCCI’s supporters as I am, Alessandro Michele (Gucci’s designer) certainly surprised you once again with his unconventional fashion show. IF you wanna know how the brand and his designer stood out, be aware that Alessandro Michele started off by sending his show invitation via WhatsApp as an intent of grabbing audience’s attention: he totally nailed it! IF you keep reading, you would also find out that Michele staged his show in a round (360° view), exposing the behind the scenes action of make up artists and model dressers at work. IF you are familiar with the brand, you may recognise some of the non traditional beauties of its models: however, Gucci was criticised for displaying extremely thin models (size 34!).

IF you wanna get an overall idea of this beautiful, unconventional show, swipe up:


IF you like non traditional clothing, you would appreciate the GCDS F/W 2020 collection. IF you are looking for exaggeration, you should take notes of the following items: many of them are focused on the Neapolitan symbols and figures (due to the origins of the GCDS designer, Giuliano Calza), then there leather tiered ruffle dresses (1st pic), asian-inspired fabric suits and bright blazers. IF you are wondering about the location, the event took place in the beautiful Milano Central Station.


IF you were at Versace’s runway show, you might have been impressed by the exaggerated shoulders, hips and nipped waits. IF you are familiar with Versace, you may notice that the newest Versace collection is the result of a combination of both menswear and womenswear collections. IF you like naturalistic designs, you would love the floral prints and zebra stripes, the metallic stripes, or the traditional checks like the beautiful coat that the model is wearing (3rd pic). IF you like evening dresses, what more appropriate dress if not the one the model Kendall Jenner (4th pic) is showing off: nothing but elegance, sophistication and sexiness. And what to say about the shoes?


IF you are on top of trends, you may know that Bottega Veneta is actually doing very well: the latest bag called ‘Pouch’ came out with a different element, the intrecciato detail. IF you look at the pics above, you may notice that the intrecciato is recurrent and not just in hand-bags, but also in coats (look at the model in the second pic!). IF you are fringes lovers, this fall is the right season to wear fringes, which will be the most powerful feature to revolutionise your look as Bottega Veneta presented in the catwalk (see the 1st pic).


IF you are wondering what were the best Paris Fashion Week (that took place from February 24th to March 4th) looks, you should definitely keep reading:


IF you like the cream shape of the white collar, you would absolutely love the collection Isabel Marant pulled out for this F/W 2020. IF you like oversize clothing, be aware that this new collection presents oversize silhouettes, still keeping sight of woman’s waist. IF you appreciate marked shoulders cuts, you may like both the vintage jackets and the sparkly, black dress (the model in the 3rd pic is showing off). IF you wanna stay warm, take note of the fluffy detail on both coats and sweaters: a chic but functional touch to the whole look (2nd and 4th pics)!


IF it is really Paris Fashion Week, it could not be without Maria Grazia Chiuri presenting her Dior Fall 2020 collection. IF you are into fashion, you may already know that the show setting celebrated the woman figure with lightening sentences hang such as ‘CONSENT’, ‘WHEN WOMEN STRIKE THE WORLD STOPS’. IF you go through the collection items, you may find logo puffers, denim jackets and jeans, elegant jumpsuits, check throws (I definitely want the one the model in the 1st pic is wearing). IF you like fishnets socks (3rd pic), Dior collection is plenty of them! IF you are seeking evening dresses, be aware that silk fringe dresses are presented (2nd pic).


IF you cannot stand Virgil Abloh (Off White designer) genius, I feel you: every time Abloh presents insane collections and unique pieces. He did it again during PFW: he showed off haute couture kinda tulle dresses paired with streetwear clothes. IF you are looking for unconventional clothing, Off White new collection would equip you with trench coats, oversize creamy suits (2nd pic) matched with creamy Jordans, jersey dresses and bags with circular holes (5-6th pic). IF you wanna have a clear idea of details and accessories, you should keep scrolling through the pics (4th and 5th pic)!


IF you are wondering what have been the best fashion runways settings, the first prize would definitely go to Balenciaga catwalk: the whole stage (including the front row chairs) is immersed with water and an apocalyptic sky made up of fire, lightening and sea attracts the audience’s attention. IF you noticed, there are some similarities between Gucci and Balenciaga: like Gucci, Balenciaga features sinister characters as models. IF you look at the pics provided, you may understand that the new Balenciaga’s collection mainly focuses on minimalism and new, edgy cut of silhouettes. Indeed, the black colour prevails in most of the collection’s items. IF you wanna see the show, swipe up:


IF you have been lucky enough to attend Yeezy show in Paris, you would certainly be amazed by Kanye West’s daughter performance at the finale of the runway show (North West, only 6 years old but such a performer!). IF you scroll the pics above, you may understand that Yeezy evolved: more organic, rougher items are proposed. IF you are concerned with sustainability, be aware that many of the garments, especially tops and pants are made of recycled leather and treated wool especially in tops and pants.


IF you want to see what Chanel presented in its fashion runway, here there are some of its pieces: puffy sleeves, iconic tailleur and elegant, warm coats (in white and black). IF you look at the accessories, the Chanel Fall 2020 collection emphasises crosses, belts and pearls as well as cuffed boots. The dot stockings are a must: every model is wearing it. IF you are attentive to details, you may notice the one side pocket on the long skirt (2 pic), or the bicolour it bag and the Chanel trademark all over the coat.

IF you appreciated this post, comment below which fashion show you liked the most: stay tuned for the next posts!

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