IF you like visiting museums while touring around Berlin

IF you are the type of person who likes exploring a new city, especially through visiting its museums, I believe this post will interest you. IF you think that this post will contain touristic, museum destinations, you may be wrong. IF you land in Berlin some day, I suggest you to follow my instructions reporting three museums (between conventional and unconventional ones) that you cannot miss while in Berlin.

  1. IF you are fan of ANCIENT ART Museums

IF you like ancient art, I recommend you to visit the Pergamon Museum, which represents a milestone for the city of Berlin. IF you get in, you will notice that the museum is divided between the antiquity collection, the Middle East area and the Islamic art section.

IF you enter the museum, the MUST stops that you should make includes the Pergamon Altar, the Market Gate of Miletus, the Ishtar Gate and the Mshatta Facade. IF you want to have a sneak peak of how it looks like, keep scrolling down:

Ishtar Gate
Market Gate of Miletus

IF you want to see the other rooms, have a look:

IF you start getting hungry and you would like to eat a quick snack on the road, be aware that not far away from the Pergamon Museum there is the official RITTER SPORT store. IF you are a chocolate addicted kinda person, this would absolutely be heaven to you. IF you wanna see how heaven looks like in terms of sweet treats, you should keep reading.

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2. IF you are a fan of CONTEMPORARY ART Museums

IF you prefer contemporary art, I highly suggest you to visit Hamburger Bahnhof, an old station which was turned into a museum. IF you like this type of art, keep in mind that great artists’ works of art have been collected here. IF you are at entrance, the first space you will get in is the station. IF you look at the pic upward, this is how the station looks like. IF you walk around this huge space, you would definitely feel the sound of the Bergama Stereo. IF you get closer to the stereo, you can acknowledge that it pretty much looks like an altar whose architectural structure makes the production of music possible. IF you walk around, you would discover many other interesting installations made by contemporary artists (German ones included).

Internal Bridge to cross the Museum

IF you like Andy Warhol, be aware that some of his works are displayed too…

IF you like this kind of art, I suggest you to go because this museum collects many, interesting masterpieces to check out and displays them in such an engaging way! IF you are in Berlin, do not forget to stop by Hamburger Bahnhof because it provides a really nice, unconventional experience.

3. IF you are a fan of PHOTOGRAPHY Museums

IF you are a photos’ geek and you would like to visit a museum that fits your needs, I believe that Helmut Newton Foundation is the right place. IF you happen to be in the Charlottensburg district, you should definitely buy a ticket for the Body Performance exhibit at the Helmut Newton Foundation. IF you visit the whole museum, you would easily understand that the main element of the exhibit is the body and the interpretation photographers made with it: despite many photographers’ works are displayed, the main artist around which the museum focuses is Helmut Newton.

IF you go downstairs near the wardrobe room, you would be able to see a reproduction of the private property of Newton together with his personal belongings (camera, photos, magazines covers and clothes).

IF you wanna have a sneak peak of this amazing, photographic exhibition, you should scroll down…


IF you get hungry while in the museum, be aware that a quick walk away from the foundation, there is super healthy, delicious bar: Superfoods and Organic Liquids. IF you get there, you would have a wide range of delicacies to choose from. IF you love Acai Bowls as I do, I recommend you to order one… IF you want to see how the place and food look like here, swipe up!

IF you like the place, keep in mind that the area is characterised by many, other cool bars and luxury stores such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent…

IF you liked this post about Berlin museums, you should keep getting updates about the blog because there are still additional advices I would love to share with you very soooooon!

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