IF you wanna join the Fashion Week in Berlin

IF you happen to be in Berlin this week, you would be pleased to know that from the 13th to the 17th of this current month, Berlin Fashion Week takes place. IF you are around the Luisenstadt neighbourhood, I suggest you to stop by the Kraftwerk Berlin building. IF you are not from Berlin, you may not be familiar with Kraftwerk: it is a building, which used to be a station, then reconstructed and turned into a vibrant place for exhibitions and events.

IF you are interested in ‘partially’ joining the Berlin Fashion Week, you should definitely go there because this year, Kraftwerk hosts the remarkable Mercedes Benz Fashion Shows. IF you do not know a lot about Berlin Fashion Week, you should keep in mind that during this event, more than 70 shows are organised, attracting visitors from all over the world.

IF you are into Berlin Fashion Week, you may instead know that the role of Technology as well as Sustainability in Fashion are presented.

IF you arrive at the entrance of Kraftwerk, you will be freely allowed to get in. IF you manage to enter, you would be amazed by the interior setting of the building: everything focuses on the main sponsor (Mercedes Benz) and indeed, a fashion exhibition entitled Local Heroes is displayed. IF you are curious to see how it looks like inside, swipe up:

IF you keep wandering around the building, you may notice that Mercedes Benz, which is the sponsor of the event, is ever present and as you may see, there are many references to it:

IF you are interested to see how specifically Local Heroes exhibition is set, you should keep reading: it collects and displays unique, fashion garments made up of different colours, shapes and silhouettes. IF you are wondering who are the designers of these pieces, be aware that they are all young, emerging talents in the fashion industry.

IF you wanna see, scroll down:

The outfit is lit!

IF you are there, you may notice that many guests (including fashion bloggers, models and influencers) are attending the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show runway. IF you are very lucky, you might also have the chance to meet some of these well-known people. IF you are scrolling your Instagram feed, you might already have came up with a photo of one of the most famous Victoria Secret’s models attending the show.

IF you want to know who she is, I recommend you to keep scrolling down:

Candice Swanepoel

IF you are hungry, be aware that inside the building, there is a nice and cozy bar that offers delicious sandwiches and sweet treats or snacks. IF you wanna rest some time, there are also some tables available to sit.

IF you are around Berlin, I highly recommend you to pass by Kraftwerk because the fashion event inside conveys a really exciting experience to its audience. IF I were you, I would not miss it: it is exclusive, super cool and free. IF so, what are you waiting for?

Do not miss this: it is super worth it!

IF you liked this post on Berlin Fashion Week, stay tuned and be aware that many other, engaging posts (placed in Berlin again) are coming up on the blog!

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