IF you wanna taste the best acai bowls in NYC

IF you are addicted to acai berries and you cannot do without them, you should definitely read this post: it will point out the best places to get delicious, fresh and delightful acai bowls!

IF you do not know acai bowls, they are healthy bowls served with a base of acai pure and a toppings made up of fruits, seeds, peanut butter or honey and other additional ingredients you may like to add.

IF you happen to be NYC, you will notice that acai bowls seem to be a trend among people who like capturing photos of them for IG or their food blogs. IF you do not have time to eat breakfast or lunch, these acai bowls can be easily carried by those people on the go.

IF you would like to try one while in NYC, you should take note of the following ones that I personally ranked by goodness:

835 Lexington Ave, NYC

IF you want my opinion, at LOCO COCO I had one of the best acai bowls I have ever had: the acai was smooth, the fruit was extremely fresh and juicy and the overall taste was amazing! IF I have to be sincere, the only two ‘weaknesses’ are the little space which does not allow many people to fit in there and the high price per person (but that’s NYC people, not surprised anymore!). IF you wanna virtually taste the acai bowl at LOCO COCO, scroll down:


IF you are around Union Square, another place to grab an acai bowl can be HAPPY BOWLS: the venue is really nice and once you get in, it brings summer vibes, no matter what season is.

IF I were you, I would get the YOUNG N’ BRAVE bowl, which is a delicious bowl made up of acai (at the bottom) and strawberries, banana, coconut flakes and a scoop of peanut butter as for toppings. IF your mouth is watering, you could not stop by. IF you do not feel persuaded by my words yet, keep scrolling down and have a look at these pics:


IF you like acai bowls, another place I suggest you to go is PURE GREEN (you can find few stores around the city). IF you do not want to spend a fortune, I think that PURE GREEN conveys a great quality-price offer. For a starting price of 8 dollars (fair enough for an ample acai bowl), you can pick one of the standard acai bowls or you can decide to create one on your own.

IF you decide to create your own bowl, be aware that the price slightly changes, BUT the quality of the finished product does not (LOL!!!!)


IF you happen to be in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and you have a terrible desire of acai bowls, you should consider to stop by the tiny HAWA SMOOTHIES store. IF you order an acai bowl, be aware that here, it is prepared differently: the acai consistency is almost liquid (some people prefer it, it’s up to you) and there is less variety of fruit available for toppings. IF you go there in a numerous group, be aware that the store is not spacious: there is just one counter and few chairs to sit.


IF you are in Midtown Manhattan, you should definitely stop by PLAYA BOWLS. IF you are setting the directions to get there, be aware that this place is hidden: it is located within a gym called Mercedes Club and therefore, just when you enter it, you would be able see Playa Bowls. IF you get in, you would love the cozy space with chimney and simple tables: it represents the best frame to eat the acai quietly.

IF you go to Playa Bowls, the acai bowls are extremely studied in detail: fresh fruit is cut and acai is blended right away under your eyes.

IF you are hungry, don’t hesitate to check these good places out in NYC: they are among the best ones in town and even tho some are expensive, all of them deserve a try!

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