IF you wanna join as many pop up stores as possible in NYC (this weekend)

  1. IF you are into Fashion:
Chanel pop up store in NYC

IF you happen to be in NYC this weekend and you like iconic fashion brands, you should feel lucky… Why? IF you walk alongĀ 848 Washington St, you will find a huge CHANEL POP-UP STORE: it will be available from Thursday the 12th until Sunday the 15th. IF you are around Meatpacking District, make sure to check it out: this pop-up is amazing! IF you walk in, you will be enchanted by the whole construction of the store which includes also a nice skating rink…IF you are curious to see how the structure of the pop up looks like, here you are some pics:

IF get into the store, you will be offered delicious beverages such as Apple Ciders or Hot Chocolates, tasty snacks and many cute Chanel samples. IF you are lucky like I was, you may also manage to receive a little bag providing a branded hand cream and a lip balm. IF you scroll down, you will get an idea of how these gifts look like:

Chanel Gifts

IF you are around, this pop-up store is definitely UNMISSABLE because despite the Christmas set-up, it creates the best atmosphere to spend some valuable time with the people you love.

2. IF you like Cinema:

IF you are old enough to remember Blockbuster because when you were younger, you were used to pick your fav movies there, this post will certainly interest you…. IF you do not have anything to do this weekend and you are wondering around Soho, do not forget to stop by the BLOCKBUSTER POP UP STORE. IF I have to be more precise, the store is located in 13 Crosby St and it will be open until Sunday the 15th.

IF you get inside, the interior is awesome. IF you look around, everything is studied in detail… IF you turn your gaze left, you will find a typical cinema entrance with a desk displaying pop-corn boxes and some candies’ bowls as well:

IF you keep looking around, you will find a wall made up of movies dvd and also a huge cube made up of films as well… IF you scroll down, you will be able to see them!

IF you keep going, you will find BlockBuster merchandising which includes cool tees, sweaters, sweat pants and other accessories: everything is displayed.

IF you are a cinema passionate, you should definitely check it out!

3. IF you are a Christmas Geek:

IF you are totally into the Christmas mood, I recommend you to visit both THE TARGET POP UP STORE and MACY’S SANTA LAND. IF you decide to go to the TARGET pop up store, you will find an huge area made up of entertaining spaces managed by different brands such as Kinder, Coca Cola, Oreo, Godiva and Lego. IF you get in, (from the very first moment) you will have so much fun trying the wide range of activities available… indeed, you will receive many gifts and samples to taste…

IF you enter the store, these are some of the spaces and activities that you would find:

IF you manage to see this table (following photos), I recommend you to stop by because it provides an activity aimed at raising funds for people in need.

IF you write your Christmas wish and then, you pull it in the plastic envelop and you insert it into the tube, you will get a Kinder as a surprise: the more people send wishes letters into the tube, the more they will help to raise money for this cause! IF you are a generous human-being, I feel that this entertaining activity offers a great opportunity to make a benevolent act toward unlucky people. IF you wanna understand how it works, here are some visual instructions:

IF you would like to pass by, remember that the Target pop up is located in Chelsea as well (Meatpacking District) and runs through December 22.

IF you instead are more interested into a family experience, I would definitely recommend to bring your kids to MACY’S SANTA LAND, which is located at the 8th floor of Macy’s edifice. IF you wanna go there, make sure to book your time table visit in advance on their websites otherwise you would not be allowed to get in.

IF you and your kids have patience to wait some time, you will then have to follow a path until the end where you will find the beloved Santa Claus waiting for ya! IF you wanna go, this is a preview of what you will able to see:

SANTA is waiting for you !!!

IF you have kids, they would love it: Macy’s Santa Land completely conveys the Christmas spirit.

4. IF you like street style and sneakers:

IF you are a streetwear person or a sneakers’ addicted, you had better check the KICKS DROP UP out: it is an hidden space in Soho which brings B/R KICKS fans the most elite sneaker head experience out there.

IF you get in, you will find a beautiful venue made up of entertaining activities such as tie dye (which is organised by the famous brand CHINATOWN MARKET), merchandising, music, drinks, limited sneakers displayed. IF you scroll down, you will be able to see what I am talking about:

5. IF you are fond of cookies, especially OREOS

IF you are around Bryant Park today, don’t miss the OREOS X AMAZON POP UP store: it is really cute how every component of the set sticks to the Oreo brand. IF you wanna have a quick but intense visit at the Oreos Holiday house, you should definitely try to stop by.

IF you are an Oreos lover, see what’s waiting for you…and be aware that free samples of Oreos are given too!

IF you want to visit one of these pop ups, hurry up because most of them are available until tomorrow: trust me, all of them deserve to be experienced !

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