IF you already feel the Christmas spirit in NYC

IF you are totally into the Christmas mood, you should definitely read this newest post on my blog. IF you happen to be in NYC around Christmas time, you would certainly acknowledge that Americans are the best known as for Christmas decorations. IF you are an expert about the American culture, you would certainly know that Americans get crazy with celebrations like Christmas and Halloween during which they craft amazing creations.

IF the traditional decorations of Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree do not surprise you anymore, you may think about going to the LIT neighbourhood (literally) of Dyker Heights. IF you did not hear of it before, you should definitely check it out: this place is located in Brooklyn and it takes around 40 min by subway (from the 5 AV station) to get there.

IF you decide to go, make sure to take the orange D line with direction Coney Island-Stillwell Av: it is the easiest and most convenient way to get there. IF you go there, I highly recommend you to properly dress up for the eventual, freezing climate. IF you do so, you would ensure yourself a warmer and comfier sight of the neighbourhood.

IF you get there, you would absolutely love the whole view: colourful lights, giant inflated balloons, decorations, and more… IF you wanna have a more concrete idea of what I am talking about, here you are some pics of Dyker Heights:

IF you cross from 83rd to 86th Street, you would be able to see all the houses’ decorations and you will be amazed by most of them. IF Dyker Heights is new to you, you should definitely know that this area became one of the best Christmas New York attractions just because its residents started the tradition of displaying bright decorations on their rooftops, gardens and home facades. IF you stop by every house, you would notice the meticulousness and care with which ornaments are exhibited.

IF you wanna see more pics, keep scrolling down:

IF you get colder during the tour of the houses, you should stop by one of the stands selling cocoa, coffee, wine or other type of warm beverages. IF you suffer the low temperatures, you had better drink something to refill yourself!

IF you are lucky, you may also have the opportunity (as I did) to see also some cars embellished with bright lights and decorations. IF you have not seen a car like this one before, you would certainly love it!

IF you trust me, I would say that these pics do not convey the magic of this place enough. IF you want to enjoy this beautiful scenario with your own eyes, I definitely recommend you to go: Dyker Heights is absolutely worth it!

IF you like this post, stay tuned because new posts are coming… unfortunately, there will be just few more on NYC….so, do not miss them!!!!

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