IF you wanna make a tour of the new Louis Vuitton pop up store in NYC

IF you are a stylish man seeking for exclusive, luxury pieces and you happen to be in NYC, this is your lucky post. IF you like Louis Vuitton (LV) as a brand, take note that a new pop up store selling a limited collection of men’s wear items has been recently set in Soho. IF you wanna know WHAT, WHEN and WHERE it is, you don’t have anything to do less than continuing reading.

IF you wonder what this pop up store is all about, you should know that it is a temporary shop hosting a performance-inspired tech line designed by the iconic LV men’s wear artistic director Virgil Abloh. IF you don’t know it yet, Abloh made this new line called 2054 Collection available exclusively for this pop up shop ahead of the worldwide launch on December 6.

IF you walk along 116 Green St (Soho), you will definitely see the pop up store because it cannot pass unnoticed: the store is wrapped in a camouflage rainbow monogram pattern which reminds the collection displayed inside. IF you wanna have a look at it, here it is:

IF you are a good observer and you look around yourself (as I did), you would definitely be surprised by the amount of references related to the known, luxury brand. IF you were with me, you might have noticed the cool sticker attached to this car’s window:

IF you finally enter the store, you would be astonished by the insanity of it. IF you liked the outside store layout, you would love the inside as well because it is an extension of the exterior design. IF you are wondering how it specifically looks like inside, you should image just a minimal space where few items are thoughtfully displayed on the shelves and the central table. IF you like trainers, you would love the ones Virgil Abloh added to the line:

I love these shoes: the patter is insane!

IF you wanna see the other accessories and clothes exposed in the store, you should definitely keep scrolling until the end! IF you are kinda interested in the line, you should know that the entire pieces of the collection are characterised by a water repellent fabric like the one of the jacket down below:

IF you like suitcases, there are two options you can choose from. IF you prefer a leather-like texture, the first suitcase is for you: as you can see from the left photo, LV’s logo is emphasised on a water repellent fabric and there is also a pocket whose lining is lined and takes up the pattern of the collection. IF you like a more extravagant suitcase, I believe that the second option suits you better. IF you see the right image, you can understand why: as a matter of fact, the luggage is entirely covered by the colourful line pattern.

IF you like bucket hats (as I do), you would adore this one: how simple but how cute!!! IF you are curious to see it, swipe up!

IF you still have a look around, here are few more photos:

IF you like my sneak peak of this upcoming collection, you should stay tuned and just wait next-week launch. IF you like this futuristic, streetwear style, you should definitely make a thought!

IF you have more questions about the pop-up store, feel free to write your concerns down below in the comments!

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