IF you need a KIT(H) to be fashionable in NYC

IF you happen to be in Soho (NYC), one of the most fashionable stores you will step into would certainly be KITH. IF you are around 337 Lafayette St, you cannot miss it: Kith is amazingly trendy and every time you enter this shop, it would always surprise you with its unique store layout.

IF you are not familiar with Kith, you should know that this shop is nothing but a street-gear retailer selling casual footwear, clothes & accessories for both women and men. IF you are looking for the most well-known, streetwear brands, Kith would definitely be the best place to look for. IF you have never been there, you would be amazed by how the store is set: it is characterised by three floors and IF you climb each of them, the inside gets cooler and cooler!

IF you find something you like, many employees would be happily available to assist you. IF you want to try something on, check out the huge, luminous fitting rooms (they are worth seeing) on the first floor!

IF you wanna know more about the setting of the store, you should be aware that the first floor is characterised by menswear, while the second floor is made up of men’s limited edition shoes and the famous KITH TREATS. IF you don’t know what the latter stands for, it is a little bar where you can purchase ice creams, milkshakes, acai bowls and other yummy treats…IF you wanna have a look, swipe up!

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Kith famous ice-cream (not my own photo)

IF you reach the last floor (third floor), you would probably be a woman seeking for trendy outfits. IF you like accessories, especially bags you will be enchanted by this floor. IF you are looking for unique, vintage bags, Kith is plenty of them…IF you don’t believe me, look with your own eyes:

IF you like vintage accessories like sunglasses, this is a spoiler of what you would find:

IF you have been to Kith couple of times, you would certainly have noticed how many collaborations with other brands it does. IF you have been there during different seasons, you could not have missed the collabs KITH X GCDS, KITH X BARBIE (to celebrate the iconic doll) or the latest KITH X VOGUE. IF you wanna experience a pure combination of fashion and design, you should see how the store layouts looked like throughout these special partnerships:

IF you finish your shopping at Kith, you should definitely check COFFEE ‘N CLOTHES cafe out: it is an innovative, creative bar just in front of Kith. IF you are wondering where its creativity lies, you should be aware that this cafe does every drink (either cappuccino, latte or matcha tea) with a customised logo of luxury brands on the top! IF you wanna sit, there are few cute tables or a sofa with some velvet pillows to accommodate yourself:

IF you get inside, everything will be focused on luxury brands: there are designers signed cups displayed on the shelves! IF you wanna purchase one, keep in mind that they are on sale! IF you wanna get an idea of the inside, keep scrolling:

IF you wanna get an hot beverage, all you have to do is picking a brand and just waiting for your coffee to be ready! IF you wanna accompany your drink with a yummy snack, be aware that there are also mini designer cupcakes such like these ones:

IF you are curious to see how the coffees and the potential matcha teas would look like, don’t hesitate to scroll down!!

IF you are into fashion, you would absolutely love my suggestions: both Kith and Coffee ‘n Clothes are worth visiting. IF you have time, they are MUST STOPS to do, especially IF you like either shopping or purchasing luxury brands.

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