IF you wanna attend THE TONIGHT SHOW starring JIMMY FALLON in NYC (for free)

IF you are gonna stay in NYC for a long period of time, you had better attend one of the most known late night shows in America: THE TONIGHT SHOW starring the great Jimmy Fallon. IF you wanna do such an experience, you should definitely read the following post!

IF you wanna be part of the audience for this show, you do not need a capital: I would suggest you few tips to get in for free. IF you do not want to pay anything, what you have to do is just waking up very early and now, I will explain you why.

IF you want free tickets, you have to wait in a queue to get the so-called “stand-by tickets to sold out shows”: as the rule says, ‘first come, first served’. IF people (expected audience) who bought the tickets renounce to come, there would be extra spots, which will be assigned to the persons waiting in this queue. IF you get up very early and you show up at 7.30/8 a.m. in the morning, you would certainly have high chances to get these stand-by tickets for the show (in the same night).

IF you wanna know where the queue starts, these are some instructions that you may find on the NET. IF you scroll down, the map attached will definitely be helpful to understand the location where the line forms:

The line starts at on 49th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues)

IF you wanna have a touristic reference, that will be the NBC STUDIOS:

NBC Experience with the New York Pass - The Tour at NBC Studios, New York  City Traveller Reviews - Tripadvisor

IF you get there on time, be aware to have your ID or passport with you because it is mandatory. IF you manage to arrive on time, you will have to wait until 9 a.m. when STAND BY CARDS (temporary cards, not the actual admission tickets) will be given.

STAND BY CADS (TEMPORARY TICKETS which do NOT guarantee the entry)

IF you get them, you will be given a number and you be instructed to come back at 3.30 p.m.: at this time, a girl will check you in (therefore, you need your stand by card with you) and later on, your attendance to the show will be finally confirmed according to how many spots got free.

IF you have a low number, you have higher chances to get into the show that is the reason why I suggest you to show up early: the very early rising will be paid off. IF you receive the blue tickets, you are officially IN!!!!

IF you manage to be one of the lucky numbers who attend the show, you should keep in mind the following RULES. IF you have a backpack, it is not allowed, therefore bring a small bag or purse (anything bigger, otherwise they would not let you in). IF you have food, be aware you are not allowed to consume it inside the studio. IF you have a phone or any type of camera, you have to turn it off immediately after the security controls because IF you are caught while taking photos, you will be escorted out!!!!

IF I were you I would just enjoy the show without caring about taking pics: your eyes are the best tool to catch every entertaining moment during the show and turn it into indelible memories.

IF you wanna know a bit of my own experience, I would tell you that it has been AMAZING and I ADORED it! IF you came the same night as me, you would have been amazed by the cast (including the musicians wearing tweed suits and singing jazz music) and the great host JIMMY FALLON.

IF you were there with me, you would have been thrilled by the beautiful guest REESE WHITERSPOON who played the CAN YOU FILL IT? game with JIMMY. IF you did not watch it yet, swipe up cause it is so much fun!

IF you know the Youtube stars RHETT and LINK, be aware that they were there the night I attended the show: these two guys were advertising their upcoming book:

This book sounds interesting, you should definitely check it out!

IF you watched the show that night, you would have found hilarious the cooking competition between JIMMY FALLON and the remarkable Chef DANIEL HUMM: he was there to chat about his fifth cooking book named ELEVEN MADISON PARK. IF you did not see this amusing scenario yet, you should definitely watch the YT video down below:


IF you have been convinced, do not waste anymore time and make this experience possible: it is so exciting to attend such a popular, American show as THE TONIGHT SHOW. IF you ask, it was a wonderful journey worthy to experience. IF you wanna get also these cute bracelets from the show, set the alarm and JUST DO IT!

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