IF you wanna see how MARC JACOBS MA(D)ISON in NYC looks like

WELCOME to Marc Jacobs Maison

IF you are walking along Madison Avenue, you may end up in front of the majestic MARC JACOBS MADISON: the huge store is dedicated to the New Yorker, fashion designer Marc Jacobs. IF you are into fashion, I should not even say to get in, but IF you are not, I suggest you to enter anyways.

IF you want to know why, I will tell you then: beyond being a high-fashion store, Marc Jacobs Madison is an entertaining place which is also characterised by a bar to eat some snacks while shopping. IF you are eager to know more, don’t stop reading…

IF you climb the stairs, you will find the so-called MARC BOOK room, which is a space embellished by fashion books as well as other kitsch accessories such as keychains, Marc Jacobs signed pencils, pens and cute portable mirrors.

IF you are in the room, the central Photo Booth would not surely pass unobserved. IF you wanna try it, you should feel free to use it and make some pics that you can either print right away or send to yourself by e-mail!

IF you do not believe me, have a look at the shoots I personally did:

IF you are in front of it, you should smile in 5,4,3,2 ….IF you want to decorate your pics, keep in mind that you can add many gifs like these ones:

IF you continue exploring this floor, you will find a spot offering MARC JACOBS makeup: it is plenty of lip glosses, lip sticks, creams…


IF you move around, you will also notice few decorated walls with sketches and signs that remind me of the street art ones.

IF you get around the corner, you will find yourself in the store part designated to new collection’s clothing, trendy bags and shoes by MARC JACOBS. IF you are really into the brand, you would appreciate most of the items and fashion garments displayed. IF you are an attentive observer, beyond the basic stuffs, you may also notice the newest collaboration of PEANUTS X MARC JACOBS.

IF you wanna have a look at this section of the store, scroll down! (PS pay attention to the details: they are insane)

IF you are more a vintage kinda person, you couldn’t believe your eyes whenever you will end up in this corner of the shop:

IF you are getting curios, have a look at the unique pieces displayed:

IF you are hungry, keep in mind the following break advice. IF you wanna simply snack or drink either tea or coffee, you should rest at the MARC JACOBS CAFE, which is set within the store. IF you are there, you would find people chatting while enjoying their yummy meals (the time I went there was none because it was 7.30 pm, but it is usually full)! IF you wanna see how it looks like, swipe up!

IF you go downstairs, even IF you will not be allowed to enter, you would find the HAUTE COUTURE dresses crafted by the American designer. IF you want to be amused by those wonderful works of art (because to me, they are not simple dresses), scroll down and have a lil spoiler of what is displayed:

IF you want to experience pure, iconic fashion I believe that this is the place you are looking for. IF you love the brand, you would surely adore everything!

IF you are walking out the store, right under the main stairs, be aware to pay attention to other dresses and accessories such like these ones:

I LOVE the bag and the feather dress!

IF you wanna go, the address is 655 Madison Ave, New York, NY and take a note that this store is open everyday including Sundays: you don’t have excuses to miss it!!!

REMEMBER: IF I recommend it, it is because it is extremely worth it!

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