IF you are addicted to movies/TV shows set in NYC

IF you like classic movies and TV shows, you would love this post. IF you are around NYC, which is the main setting of many of the most famous movies, you should definitely follow my instructions. IF you keep reading, you will see how these iconic locations from movies and TV series look like today.

IF I tell you “that’s all”, I am pretty sure that many of you will surely understand what I am talking about. IF you don’t, well, I am mentioning the most representative sentence of the movie The Devil Wears Prada. The cast is made up of huge personalities such as Anne Hathaway and Marlyn Streep. IF you like the latter actress, you may love her in the shoes of Miranda Priestly, the mean, editor-in-chief of Runway magazine. IF you did not see this movie, you might not know that many believe that Miranda’s character was totally inspired by Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue.

IF you have seen this movie, you may adore going to some of these iconic New Yorker places. IF you are a fan of the film, you may remember Miranda’s house where the famous BOOK should be delivered, Magnolia Bakery for Miranda’s breakfast, Buddy’s where Andy’s boyfriend used to work, or even the Saint Regis hotel where Andy met the writer Christian Thompson (in need of help in order to find the Harry Potter copies for the TWINS, remember?). IF you are curios to see how these places look like, swipe up!

Magnolia Bakery located 1240 6th Ave

IF I say XOXO…. tell me you cannot think about anything else but Gossip Girl, one of the best TV series ever: I would never stop re-watching it over and over again! IF you are a huge fan of the series you would remember every scene set in some of these places. IF you wanna guess which episode, which season, give a try down below!

IF you wanna see how the interiors of the Palace Hotel look like, keep scrolling and guessing the scenes set there:

IF you have good memory, you should recognise these places…shouldn’t you?

MET Museum at 1000 5th Ave, New York
Grand Central

IF you are at Grand Central, you would certainly feel for a second like the stunning Serena Vanderwoodsen with the famous jingle in the background… do I have to refresh your memory?

Hotel Empire (Chuck’s home) at 44 W 63rd St, New York

IF you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S more kinda person, I think you should definitely go to this pop-up store that has been installed to celebrate the famous TV show. IF you enter, you will find many gadgets related to the main locations and characters and this would certainly drive you crazy… IF you wanna have a look, scroll down!

IF you are in NYC, another must stop that you cannot miss is the Tiffany & Co. store which became a real attraction due to the cult movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. IF you saw the movie, one of the most romantic scenes has been recorded within this store… can you remember which one?

IF you don’t remember, watch it again and tell me IF you feel (like me) that the store has not changed at all…

IF you wanna see what would be the last iconic movie I peak for this itinerary, you should keep reading… IF you want some clues, I would tell you that the protagonist’s face expression has been seen more times than the remarkable masterpiece The Scream by Munch (LOL).

Image result for mamma ho perso l'aereo urlo

IF your guess was right, you seem to be an expert of one of my favourite movies ever: Home Alone 2. IF you are like me, you would certainly remember every scene and iconic location attached down below: have a look!

IF you are really into the movie, you may also remember these scenes at the Central Park, precisely at the Bethesda Fountain and the skating track:

IF you like movies and are curios to see how the settings of them look like, you should definitely go there, following my itinerary: it’s kind of emotional and exciting at the same time to be in these locations that have made the history…

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