IF you want to know how I met MAURO from the CAKE BOSS

Cake’s Boss Bake shop in Hoboken (New Jersey)

IF you want to know how I met MAURO CASTANO, one of the main protagonist of the known series CAKE BOSS, you should keep reading this post cause it is gonna be lit, I promise! IF you want to know the detailed story of the meeting, I want to first make sure that everyone (even the ones who did not hear of this series before) gets an idea of what the CAKE BOSS is all about.

IF you have not seen it yet, CAKE BOSS is an American show focused on the operations of Carlo’s Bake Shop, an Italian-American family business owned and operated by Buddy Valastro (the main protagonist and the so- called Cake Boss), Lisa Valastro (Buddy’s sister), Maddalena Castano, Grace Faugno and Mary Sciarrone. IF you are wondering what they do during the show, the answer would simply be making INSANE, ART CAKES for a wide range of occasions as well as dealing with the interpersonal relationships among the various family members. IF you want to get an idea of what INSANE CAKES mean, you should look at these pics:

IF you are visiting NYC, you should definitely make a stop in Hoboken, which beyond being a beautiful neighbourhood, hosts the famous Cake Boss bakery shop (nowadays it is also a touristic attraction due to the show’s international success). IF you enter the shop (in the main street), you would smell the tasty scent of such delicious cakes:

IF you finally got an idea of what the Cake Boss is and how much success this show earned worldwide, we should move on with the meeting story I was telling you before. IF you know the cast of the show, you would certainly know Mauro Castano, one of Buddy’s sister husband. IF you do not know him, he is married to one of the Cake Boss sisters and he works within the family owned business both as a manager and a baker.

IF you got enough information, I am gonna start telling the story: thanks to my friend, Giammarco (he is studying business too and he has a great passion for cinema and entertainment), I managed to meet Mauro. IF Giammarco hadn’t worked for Napoli Today (an online Italian journal), I could have never been involved in the project he is carrying for this digital journal: Dimmi di Più.

IF you are wondering what Dimmi di più is, it is a vlog made up of interviews to Italian people (having connections with Naples too) who succeeded in America (NYC and around). IF you think that we interviewed Mauro in the well-known bakery shop in Hoboken, you are wrong because we actually made it within his office in the same building where the show is recorded.

IF you want to get a concrete idea of our experience here, you should definitely see the pics below:

Carlo’s Bakery waiting room

IF you were with us, you would have waited a bit in this waiting room embellished with prizes and articles highlighting the incredible success of the Valastro family, until MAURO did not arrive. IF you were me in that moment, you would have probably felt so honoured to meet in person such a man, who I used to watch on a TV screen together with my sister.

IF I was super excited at the beginning, my excitement overlapped when Mauro proposed us to make a tour of the different rooms where they are baking cookies, decorating cakes and recording the TV show. It was incredible to personally see the exact room where the Cake Boss makes his own beautiful creations… unfortunately, I did not take any photos of these rooms but, trust me, it was a real honour to see the BACKSTAGE of the Cake Boss empire!

IF you are curios, I can tell you that everything was curated in details and organised properly: many employees were working there and among them, I had the opportunity also to meet some familiar faces from the show such like…

IF you were with us, you would have loved to see all of this, while smelling the delicious aroma of almond cakes! After we interviewed Mauro, who turned out to be a super nice, kind and hard-working person, we could not ask to take a pic together! IF you want to see it, swipe up!

Mauro and I

IF you are curios to see the whole interview, you can find the link down below… don’t miss it, it is really worth it! IF you are interested in this type of interview, be aware that many other Dimmi di Più interviews are available on Napoli Today page, check them out!


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