IF you wanna have a look at the most fashionable market of NYC

IF you are really into fashion, one of the MUST stops you should make is at DOVER STREET MARKET. IF you never heard of this store before, you should know that it is a multi-brand retailer which was founded by Rei Kawakubo of the Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons. IF you are looking for more brands, be aware that Dover Street Market also sells other high fashion labels such as Balenciaga, Maison Margiela, Raf Simons, Valentino, Vetements, Gucci, Nike and many others.

IF you enter the shop, starting from the ground floor you should keep climbing the seven floors’ stairs (if you are worried for the amount of stairs, don’t because there is a lift lol) until you do not reach the top.

IF you keep attention to the setting of the store, you should notice how many artistic installations are used to embellish the space. IF you are on the first floor, you should definitely have a look at the extremely precious jewellery exposed in those huge glass cases. IF you are hungry, watch out because the ground floor also hosts a snack bar where you would surely enjoy your ‘shopping rest’! IF you are curious to see some pics, keep scrolling down!

Ground floor installations

IF you keep sneaking around the store, you would happen to find yourself at the second floor or better, the “Gucci floor”. IF you get there, most of the items are labeled GUCCI and many unique pieces are displayed. IF you are a supporter of the brand, the beautiful kits, bags, shoes as well as coats would not go unnoticed…

IF you keep exploring, you would be amazed by the beautiful collections of the brands Maison Margiela and Supreme. IF you are looking for Supreme hoodies, bucket hats and tees, you should make a thought on those ones because the price of them seems to be really convenient!

Fell absolutely in love with this Maison Margiela cross body bag!

IF you climb the stairs, you would get into another amazing floor. IF you look around, you would see many, cool installations that might impress you. IF you are wondering what the next floor deserves to you, keep reading…

Another cool installation on the column of the store
Insane dress by Comme des Garçon!

IF you did get how much fashionable this store is, you should change your mind by looking at the store’s fashionable employees: they wear unique, street-style or labeled accessories including the GUCCI bandana that this man wears! Have a look down here:

IF you go beyond this floor, you would keep finding cool pieces displayed. IF you are looking for oversize menswear garments, here they are:

IF you keep going, at the 5th floor you would find a spot where some of the newest Jacquemus (current, relevant, French brand) pieces are set out. IF you are passionate about this label, you would absolutely find some of Simone Porte (Jacquemus’ designer) masterpieces. IF you are also a shoes’ addicted, you would remain speechless after looking at these Jacquemus’ charming boots:

IF you continue exploring, you would find a space entirely dedicated to Asian brands, focusing especially on Balenciaga and Comme des Garçon. IF you wanna get to this floor, you should walk into this tunnel made up of internal installations such as these ones… have a look:

How cool is this place??? Tell me

IF you get to this breathtaking floor, you would literally remain open-mouth… IF you do not believe me, look at these bags and tell me then if you would buy them all!

Comme des Garçon bag

IF you love fur or teddy coats (currently a trend and MUST HAVE for the season), you should have a look at these….

IF you are a sneakers’ lover, be aware that the basement is plenty of them (including limited Nike collections)together with cool, streetwear tees. IF you wanna see, swipe up!

IF you are amazed by this store, you should visit it… as you saw, it is super worth it and from now on, this place has become one of my favourite spots in the City!

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