IF you want to experience the combo sea-entertainment in NYC

IF you are around New York until the end of the month, you should save some time up to head to Coney Island: it is nothing but a peninsula on the western end of Long Island. IF you are willing to know more, you should acknowledge that Coney Island is remarkable for hosting a beautiful shore as well as a huge amusement park. IF you are not sure whether to go or not due to the distance from the City, you should not be concerned at all because a subway train easily (as well as cheaply) gets there. IF you have a squad with you, the journey’s time would definitely fly!

IF you are really lucky to get there in a sunny day, you may want to have a walk along the beach: since Coney Island is extremely commercial, you would also encounter many food stands or kiosks on your way. IF you are not aware of it yet, I have to warn you that the beach as well as the amusement park are gonna shut down at the end of October due to storm alerts. SO, try to visit the island as soon as possible to enjoy the remaining warm weather as well as the long walks on the beach or on the pier.

IF you manage to get to the beach, you would certainly see the pier. IF you walk on it, you would find many people dancing latin-american music or selling flowers made up of fresh mangos. IF you are tired or you want to lie down a bit, there are many wood benches available to rest. IF you want to be surprised, this is the right place. IF you wonder why, it is because along the beach, you may find many models’ photo shootings going on as well as weddings. IF you don’t believe it, have a look to the fancy braid with the long veil!

IF you want to be literally AMUSED by giant rollercoasters, you should try some of the breathtaking rides offered by Coney Island’s amusement park. IF you have visited California before, it would feel like to be in Santa Monica. IF you are courageous and a panache’s lover, you should get on this one: the most scary ride of the park…

IF you want a spoiler of how the other rides look like, you should keep scrolling down!

IF you are a coward and everything scares you (exactly like I am), don’t miss some of the best ‘childish’ games where to win amazing prizes. IF you love teddy bears, peluches and you have a good aim at shooting, I recommend this stand (located at the end of the park). IF interested, the game consists of shooting with a water gun into a target and the participants have to do it in less time possible. IF you keep the gun bet to the target in a stable manner, you would definitely be the WINNER! IF you are underestimating this game, you have to try it because it is not as easy as it seems….

This was the prize I won (lol)!

IF you are getting hungry, be aware that my food recommendations are never missing! IF you have never been in Coney Island before, you might not know that this neighbourhood is famous for being the homeland of HOTDOGS. IF you are around the amusement park, you have definitely to try NATHAN’S, the most famous place for hot-dogs (here is actually where hot-dogs were born). IF you want to have a taste of it, just swipe up!

IF you have time to visit this place, it would be totally worth it. IF you go there, you would experience what feels like to be in a real amusement American park (that many famous movies often show) and you would have a taste of summer even when fall is getting closer! What a day you would spend there… don’t miss it!

IF you are interested, one of the following posts (won’t say which one because you have to stay tuned) would feature a BIG guest star of a beloved American TV show… IF you are looking for more clues, I won’t say anything more than STAY TUNED!

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