IF you are a graffiti’s lover in NYC

IF you love art and you want to feel totally immersed into it, get a bus or the subway straight to Bushwick (Brooklyn NYC). IF you managed to get there, you should definitely visit THE BUSHWICK COLLECTIVE, which is NYC’s most creative neighbourhood as for street art and graffiti. IF you walk along the streets, you will encounter many graffiti on the walls as well as many creative quotes on the floor.

IF you look around, you may find different types of graffiti: there are few that seem extremely realistic, others that are more colourful, several more that are fluo and then, others that seem to be made with pencil. IF you are curious to see what I am talking about, swipe up!

IF you are walking around the Bushwick Collective, you could not stop at the BROOKLYN STREET-ART BEER GARDEN, which is a beautiful open-space where art and the combo beer-food meet. IF you are tired, have a break there: it is a nice and calming area where you can benefit of beautiful, artistic views, great music in the background and fresh beer! IF you want to get an idea, here are some pics:

IF you want to purchase works of art, the beer garden also sells a wide range of unique pieces such as these ones:

IF you finish your break, you should continue walking until you do not reach another MUST stop worth of your attention: THE BUSHWICK MARKET. IF you enter the market, you would find the most useless, vintage stuffs and you would feel like you are in one of those old, American movies. IF you are looking for vintage vynals or cameras, no worries, this place is plenty of them!

IF you are an attentive observer, you would certainly notice creative decorations attached to the walls. IF I had to be more specific, there are few iron cats and mice, embellishing the walls of several buildings as you can see from the following pic:

IF you want suggestions regarding shopping in Bushwick, you should definitely have a look at 28 Scott Vintage, an amazing vintage shop which offers both men and women clothing. IF you enter, you would find the inside of the shop made up of art pieces, books, and colourful umbrellas on the roof.

IF it gets darker and you are willing to eat good, Asian, Thai or Vietnamese food, check this nice restaurant out! IF you are looking for the name, this restaurant is called DOCK and it is located in 22 Wycoff Avenue. IF you want to enjoy the warm weather, this restaurant offers (beyond yummy food) a great outdoor space that fits perfectly your ‘temperature’ needs…

Dock restaurant

IF you are in NYC in these still sunny and warm days, you should definitely visit Bushwick because this unconventional destination offers enchanting street art, music as well as a wide range of food! IF you want my opinion, this neighbourhood is absolutely FORBIDDEN to miss because once here, it would totally grasp you, mentally and physically … it is worth it and your eyes would thank you back (as far as for the wonderful artistic views)!

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