IF you are a PINKY make-up addicted in NYC

IF you are a make-up addicted like me, you cannot even imagine how much this post is going to surprise you. IF you are around New York, you should definitely go to GLOSSIER, the dreamiest cosmetics shop I have ever seen in my entire life. IF you are wondering where it is: 123 Lafayette Street (Soho) is the address to this lovely place.

IF you are willing to go to GLOSSIER, I strongly recommend you to leave it as your last ‘shopping destination’ because the later you go the better it is in terms of waiting in queue. IF you go around 7/7.30 p.m., you should be waiting for a reasonable time to get in. IF you are staying outside the entrance, you would certainly notice some of the employees wearing a super cute, PINK suit.

IF you manage to get into the shop, you would certainly be amazed by the beauty of its design. IF you look around, everything is going to be pink and everywhere you move is going to spread ‘pinky vibes’. IF I have to describe it in my own words, I would describe it as the Barbie Empire. IF you climb the PINK stairs, you would get into a wonderful PINK room, made up of PINK tables, each of which displays every beauty product you might think of.

IF you don’t believe me, have a look down here:

IF you are looking for creams, GLOSSIER has a line of creams, masks and detergent as well. Many options are offered to satisfy every girl’s need. IF you are not sure about any of the products because you are not familiar with the brand yet, you should definitely try them on!

IF you want to see more, scroll down!

IF you get something at the end of your tour, one of the girls (working here) would order what you want on an iPad and after paying, you would be sent to check your package out. IF you get to the main entrance desk, a girl would call you by your name (you give your personal info during the order) and you can finally receive your purchase.

IF you are curious to know how the packaging looks like, I will show you the one I received when I got my lipgloss. IF you are questioning yourself, everything is extremely cool and stricly PINK PINK PINK. IF you wanna see the packaging, swipe up!

Glossier Packaging

IF you liked my lil spoiler, you should definitely go and experience it yourself! IF you want my personal opinion, this is the most insane, cosmetic place I ever seen and I would certainly come back more than once….

IF I were you, this place should definitely join your ‘NYC bucket list’…!

IF you want more shopping advices, stay tuned to my blog because sooner than later, news will come up!

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