IF you wanna STAY COOL in NYC (as far as eating)

IF you are looking for some unconventional advices regarding food in NYC, you are absolutely in the right place! IF you are curios to know one of the most amazing and yummy places to eat, keep reading.

IF you want to know cool cafes where to rest in the between of your tours , one of my main advice would be LROOM CAFE’. Located in 41 W 14th St (NYC), it is a really CHIC and FASHION place to stop by.

PS IF you zoom, you might notice that the waiter is wearing a PRADA BUCKET HAT…. what a fashionable and chic place!

IF you wanna get an idea of LROOM, I can tell you that this cafe offers tasty plates enriched and embellished by a touch of art and creativity. IF I have to be honest, this place is insane and extremely accurate in every detail. IF you just look at their menu, you can get a major idea: the menu (in fact) has a cute bamboo hanger which totally reminds me of a Vintage GUCCI bag! IF you swipe up….

IF you go there and you will have enough ROOM, you should definitely try one of these “works of art”. IF you wanna keep yourself simple and light, you should definitely try a cup of HONEY MATCHA TEA (really recommended if you are a matcha lover like me) or a refreshing ROSE TEA. IF you are curious, keep scrolling!

IF you are around NYC, you should definitely come and have a look to this insane place…. IF you are lucky, you may also have the opportunity to try these amazing SPARKLING (super instagrammable) coffees, which are really exclusive and come out seasonally:

IF you wanna drink or eat something fresher and colder, I have an alternative suggestion for you.

IF you are really into NYC, you would probably know that one of the most delicious and trendy (at the same time) meal promoted by many food bloggers is the ACAI BOWL. IF you have never heard neither seen it before, an acai bowl is a super healthy bowl made up of a pure of acai (a Brazilian fruit containing the highest number of antioxidants) on the bottom and fruit and special toppings on the top. IF you are in NYC, you would certainly see many people handling one of them…. however, it is difficult to find the best acai bowl in terms of freshness, softness and delicateness.

IF I were you, I would surely try one of the best ranked acai place in NYC: LOCO COCO. IF you go, you would notice that this place is little but super nice inside:

IF you reach this place out, I definitely recommend you to taste the traditional acai bowl (banana+acai in the bottom, strawberries-berries-coconut chips-regular granola as for toppings). IF you want more choice, be aware that this place offers smoothies, fresh juices, matcha latte and other healthy drinks. IF you are an healthy person, you would definitely love this place because everything you order is cut down at the moment: fresh and natural!


IF you wanna stay COOL LITERALLY (inside N out), this place fits you perfectly! IF you wanna eat well, don’t miss it… IT IS EXTREMELY WORTH IT!

IF you wanna ask for more details about these places, feel free to comment down below!

IF you are interested in more food UNCONVENTIONAL places advices, I will certainly keep you updated! Follow the next posts!

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