IF you wanna feel like you are in Italy BUT in NYC

IF you happen to be in NYC between the 12-22nd of September, you should not miss the FEAST of SAN GENNARO between Canal and Houston Street (touristically speaking, it is located in the Little Italy). IF you are lucky to attend this feast during these days, you would certainly have a wonderful journey!

IF you are not informed enough, the Feast of San Gennaro is an annual event dedicated to the Patron of Naples (San Gennaro) and during his celebration, Little Italy is completely transformed. IF you were there, you would encounter many stands serving Italian food (cannoli, gelato, pizza…), catch free concerts and the entertaining “cannoli eating contest” by the known FERRARA Bakery.

Ferrara’s Bakery stand

IF you are starving right now looking at these pics, I cannot blame you! IF you have difficult tastes and you might not like just Italian food, be aware that the Little Italy offers a wide range of other options. IF you wanna see more, you should keep scrolling down…

IF are American, you would feel at ease because the Feast provides a type of Italian specialities that are largely ‘contaminated’ by the American taste. IF you are Italian, instead, you might feel some differences as for the freshness of the cannolo cream or the softness of the Neapolitan Pizza! IF you are Italian and you might not even figure out what I am talking about, look at this…

Cannoli enriched with OREOS

IF you are ITALIAN, you might be scared at this point….lol

IF you are reading this blog, it is because I am giving you the best advices and tips to live an UNCONVENTIONAL stay in the City so, trust ME!

IF you, Italians readers, are puzzled about the food… do not worry at all: the food is really good, but with some variances to the traditional recipes. Indeed, the food is not the only protagonist of the Feast!

IF you are moving around the crowded streets, you would encounter the carousel, games, carts, some cute stands selling souvenirs and then step by step, you would bump into the main GUEST of the event: SAN GENNARO.

IF you are still reading, here is our main protagonist:

IF you feel enthusiastic about what you have seen so far, don’t waste additional time staring at these photos and run to the actual event… IF you are wondering how much time do you have left, keep running because the feast closes on Sunday! GO GO GO and enjoy!

IF you liked this post, be hungry to know more in the next posts… they are gonna deal with………….

……………….STAY TUNED!

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