IF you have your kids while in NYC

IF you love travelling with your kids, NYC is an amazing destination to spend some quality time together.

IF you are planning your tours around the City, you should definitely take notes of the places recommended in the following post.

IF you are wondering why, here is your answer. When I first came to NYC with my parents, I was a kid and as such, I really appreciated going into those huge candy stores or toys rooms in the between of visits to boring museums (imagine me as a kid).

IF you want to please your little kids, take some time to read my advices. IF your kids are toys, teddy bears, Barbies or machines addicted, you could not miss FAO SCHWARZ: one of the most famous toy brand stores in NYC.

IF you are a kid, this place would totally conquer you. But, trust me. IF you are an adult, this place would make you feel as if you are a naive kid. IF your daughter is a really ‘girly’ type, you should definitely have a look at the Barbie collection on the first floor. IF your kids love magic, there is an area devoted to wizards and card games as well. IF you want to disconnect from the real world for a minute, Fao Schwarz is the best shelter you may find.

IF your kids are seeking for goodies, keep reading my suggestions.

IF you want to know the name of the best candy shop in the Upper East Side, it would be IT’S SUGAR. IF you are wondering what you will find here, you would certainly see any type of candy you may ask for: huge teddy bears candy, reproduced food candies and flowers candies. IF you cannot figure out my descriptions, you should swipe up!

IF you believe you would like to find a more ‘family’ and loving place to dine with your kids and partner, I have a key suggestion for you. IF you are interested, keep scrolling down!

IF you want to note the name, the place is called SERENDIPITY III and it is located in 225 E 60th St, New York. IF you want to know what it is, just keep in mind that this place is not just a restaurant but at the entrance, you will also find a general store selling the most original things ever.

IF you want to understand better, you would definitely go there. It is a wonderful place inspired by movies and famous songs. IF you are looking to fill your belly, have a look to the following pics… swipe up!

IF you are still taking notes of my advices, hurry up because more tips are coming up next week as well…

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