IF you want to get lost in markets in NYC

IF you are around NYC and you are looking for any type of delicious food and some trendy accessories, you are in the right place. IF you don’t want to look like a “classic tourist” (who eats and buys in the conventional places), you should consider markets. There are many options I can recommend, BUT it’s up to you to decide where you would like to go then.

IF you are looking for FLEA MARKETS (specifically), one of the best ones in town is Brooklyn Flea Market. IF you are a more fashionista type and you are after unique pieces to complete your outfits, look at the wide range of things you can find…

IF you are getting hungry and you want to fill your belly, you should keep reading. IF you and your travel mates don’t have similar tastes, don’t worry! Here two options of markets that can totally satisfy you.

IF you want to know the first option, you should keep in mind the TimeOut Market. Location: Brooklyn (not far from the Flea Market mentioned before). IF you like Italian, Japanese, traditional American or more sophisticated food, this place will completely grasp you. IF you don’t believe me, you should definitely make a try!

IF you prefer enjoying the views while eating, take note that this market offers a beautiful outdoor bar right in front of the bridge. IF you are curious to understand how the view from there looks like, scroll down.

IF you think my suggestions are just these ones, you are wrong! IF you want to know more about markets, be aware that I left my MAIN TIP at the end.

IF you are in Chelsea (one of my favourite areas of NYC), I strongly advice you to go to the Chelsea Market.

IF you want me to be more specific, I can tell you that this market does not just offer any type of food you may imagine, but also clothes, accessories, books, jewels, t-shirts and fancy sunglasses.

IF you want to understand what I am talking about, you should swipe up!

IF you like asian food, you would be astonished…

IF you want to feel like you are in JAPAN, don’t forget to visit this shop within the market. IF you would like to get its name, scroll down (fast!)

IF you like any other type of food, have a look at these other cute places:

IF you think you would like to have more food places advices, you should keep reading my blog because many other posts like this one are coming up.

IF you want to know what I am talking about, JUST STAY TUNED!

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