IF you stay 24 hours in Paris without a picky schedule

IF you happen to stay in Paris for 24 hours and you still do not have anything scheduled, I highly recommend you to read this post.

IF you happen to be in Paris for a day, BUT with an attentive plan at hand, you may find ideal inspirations in this article. Therefore, in both cases, do not miss the opportunity to read through.


IF you are that type of a traveler who intersperses culture to shopping and city wandering, you may like the latest Dior exhibition displayed at La Galerie Dior.

It has been literally a breathtaking experience. This Dior exhibition is extraordinarily curated in details and according to the fashion geeks outthere, visiting it represents an immense privilege.

I literally got astonished by the immense beauty, delicacy and extreme elegance of this show and IF I were you, I would not miss it for the world!

Where: 11 Rue Fran├žois 1er, 75008 Paris, France

How much: 12 euros ­čÖé

Worth: 10/10, absolutely a MUST destination (both for boys and girls!)


You need just to enter in the Officine Universelle Buly in Paris, to go back to 1803. This old perfumery is the most ancient one survived in Paris and thanks to its curators, it still lives throughout our days. Beyond the natural perfume intrinsic in the building, you can appreciate and embrace the old, elegant, refined style of a 7th century perfumery. Even the sales assistants wear the clothing of the times and that makes easier for you to emphatize with the venue!

IF you go there, I highly suggest you to purchase the personalised natural lip balm: extremely cute, fashionable, useful and unexpectedly fashion-forward!

Made a customised one for myself!!! Love it!!!

Where: 6 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris, France

How much: 30 euros for the personalised lip balm, more prices to know on the website!

Worth: 8/10, especially IF you are into beauty and self-care! Perfect for unconventional gifts too!


While strolling around, you cannot forget to stop by the new luxury department store called Le Samaritaine, owned and founded by LVMH Group. Here, you may find both luxury and premium brands in terms of clothing, beauty & self-care, jewellery and sustainable brands. The structure derives from an old station and was recently reconstructed and made like a new touristic destination.

IF you enter in this building, you may find yourself lost for hours….

Le Samaritaine from the top floor

Where: 9 R. de la Monnaie, 75001 Paris, France

How much: Free entry but the exit amount depends only on you! Lol!

Worth: 10/10, niche brands, beautiful structure and lots of cute things to shop…


Last stop would be dinner time! So, why not a fancy cute but delicious restaurant? Honestly, I have tried few during my stay in Paris. First, I tried Ciel de Paris, which may seem amazing especially for its view. It actually was, but the service and the food did not make me very convinced.

Therefore, IF I were you, I would go for Kong, Asian cuisine in a very cute location.

Where: 1 Rue du Pont Neuf, 75001 Paris, France

How much: $$$

Worth: 8/10, good food but the service…

IF you are following this mini guide for your 24 hours in Paris, BE AWARE of one thing: UBER is very very subject to rides’ cancellations in Paris. Do not use it, but go for normal taxis (based on a true story)!

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