IF your sleep poses said anything about you

Have you ever wondered what your sleep poses may additionally say about yourself? There are many intrinsic meanings behind a sleep pose that can tell more about your personality. Sleeping in a certain position every night explores a human being’s emotional condition in a moment of total unconsciousness like sleep can be.

Sleep poses are multiple and they represent a quite interesting tool to evaluate yourself from another perspective! In which sleep pose do you usually sleep?

IF you sleep in the soldier position

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Your body is lying down straight like a soldier. This sleep position may suggest that you are brave, determinate and concentrated on reaching your goals. Still, this rigid position may also signifies that your being a orderly person requires a huge portion of stress and night thoughts.

IF you sleep in the fetal position

Your body is lying down on a side and is curled up on yourself as IF you were protecting it from external players. This sleep position may tell that you are really focused on yourself and your well-being, trying to preserve it from both negative vibes and people in the surroundings. Therefore, the fetal pose may reveal your sensitive and reserved personality.

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You may not be the one who trusts everyone right away as first and foremost, you want to favor yourself from eventual sorrows.

IF you sleep in the yearner position

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Your body is lying down on a side and your arms are extended forward and not along your body. This posture that you get while sleeping may signify that you are open-minded and willing to embrace the novelty. You are a social person and it is very easy for you to get to know new people. However, this easiness in meeting new people does not necessarily mean that you are fast in trusting them.

Still, you are very selective when it comes to new people in your life.

IF you sleep in the starfish position

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Your body is lying down straight and your arms are up near the pillow. This sleep position is revealing that you are a quiet person, enjoying life to the fullest. This posture allows you to sleep safely and comfortably, disconnecting from reality every time you close your eyes.

Plus, sleeping in a starfish position may suggest that you are a person eager to listen to the people you love, without any second end.

You are not judging anyone except yourself as you always seek for improvement. This well-balanced combo between relax and determination to reach higher standards is your key to success!!

IF you sleep in the freefall position

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You are lying on your stomach and your hands are grabbing the pillow while your head in on the side. This sleep position may be one of the most popular and perfectly describes an insecure, anxious, over thinker. Usually, this pose may suggest that you are closing in on yourself and you may be affected by what other think.

However, growing up while facing new experiences has helped you to believe more in yourself and your capabilities.

IF you enjoy reading what your favourite sleep pose may reveal about you, comment below!

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