IF you want to meet one of Giorgio Armani’s pupils

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This is not the average fashion post you may expect but it goes beyond. Among the fashion posts published by The Hypothetical, this one deals with another different perspective and subject of the fashion world: modelling.

Lights, shootings, fittings, make-up, striking poses, intensive schedules and fashion weeks. IF you had to connect all the dots, you will get what is behind the hectic life of a model. However, there is more.

And this will be narrated by the protagonist of this new article a young, talented, inspiring made in Italy model named Marco Bellotti. I could not choose a better one. Marco perfectly embodies the determined model who beyond many sacrifices and hard-work, is another perfect example of an achieved dreamer.

By dominating the catwalks of Dolce & Gabbana, while fulfilling the billboards of Armani, Marco did a great escalation, growing faster and higher. He will explain us all of the secrets of his accomplished missions.

How did you approach the world of fashion? Voluntarily or were you recruited by chance?

Via Marco Bellotti’s Official Twitter Profile

My family has always belonged to the fashion world and its attachment to this field underwent through generations. Everything started in 1920: my family makes trousers since 4 generations (my sister and I are the 4th generation) starting from my grand-grandad to my father in 2000s. Since I was little, I used to go to fashion fairs with my dad and most of the times, people encouraged me to do modelling thanks to my aesthetic appearance. Therefore, one day at the Pitti fashion fair, a Londonese fashion designer saw me and came to talk to me. He was complimenting with me about my appearance and he shoot me some pics to send to a professional photographer working for Vogue.

Then, in the summer I was 16, I went to London engaged for a shooting directed by this Vogue photographer. Although this experience ended there, after some time, I became passionate about the fashion modelling world. At 18 years old, I received an opportunity from the WILHELMINA MODELS of NYC (one of the most important model agencies in the world) to participate to a contest granting the winner a magazine cover, a contract and a travel to NYC. Although I did not win the context, at the end, they proposed me a modelling contract anyways.

Do you have any superstitious rituals to do before shows?

This is a nice question. Honestly, I do not think I have one. However, before a fashion runway, I usually close in on myself and I start getting concentrated. I think about my attitude, my interpretation, my walk. And even though people may think that models have the same attitude and walk during shows, they might be wrong. IF someone analyses fashion shows, you would notice some differences in how models are walking a runway. The way you walk a show is always different as it is a method to show yourself in a new way depending on the brand, the current emotions and the surrounding context.

You walked for the iconic Emporio Armani fashion show at Linate Airport, what is your best memory?

Via Marco Bellotti’s Twitter Official Profile

The Linate fashion show by Armani was a particularly incisive and rewarding moment of my career. It was my very first Armani catwalk and I remembered it as it was yesterday. After many attempts, I managed to walk for an Armani fashion show. Given my family fashion origins, I grew up being told about the powerful image of Armani.

After the 4th attempt at Armani castings, when I did lost all of my hopes, I finally made it. That time, I was a little carefree, and I could not believe that after showing up, Mr. Armani said “I like this guy, he has a fascinating walk” ! It was a dreamy and exciting moment. I shudder to think about it.

After many efforts and hard-working, I was so proud to have achieved this point. I remember everything about that day: the make-up in the making, the preparation of the looks and the words of Mr. Armani stressing how much that show meant to him.

I remembered I was very serious and I exactly remember when Mr. Armani patted me on the back and said “it’s your time”. It was really unbelievable. When I walk for Armani I really feel myself, I really can relate to the style and the mood. As a person who loves fashion, I am really fascinated by Armani’s work and determination: he is a inspiration to me!

Beyond Armani, Marco can boast of having both walked and worked for other big names like:

Via Marco Bellotti’s Twitter Official Profile (from right Liu-Jo, D&G, Fila, Rimowa)

Did you have the honor of meeting Mr. Armani?

I spent an entire week with Mr Armani for fittings and fashion shows preparation. After interacting with him I could really say he is a real role model. I really respect him because he is great man and I admire him for transmitting me resourcefulness, willingness to work and passion. I talked with him about my life and he is really fun and has a lot sense of humor. By now, he knows me and recognizes me as the guy from Montepulciano! I have some more anecdotes to tell but I will soon in our live!!!

Your job involves traveling, which city made you feel most at home even if you were far from home?

It is very difficult to leave home at a young age and I spent many dark moments. However, among my favourite places, there is London. During my living in London, in the first month, I was challenged to share an apartment with 13 guys. It was hard but so special. There was a lot of fun, long-lasting friendships and again fun. There are multiple stories I can bother you about in the next live :).

Last but not least, what do we need to know about you that we don’t know yet?

Real life is so different from what you may seen on IG. Therefore, there are so many things you do not know about me. For instance, you might not know how maniac I am with keeping everything tidy and precise. I mean being super tidy is something that I need in my life to keep a balance with everything I do.

In conclusion, Marco’s words perfectly showcase that being a model does not only include all the fancy stuffs you might think of, but it is also about hard-work and consistency. Being a model does not exclude being a normal, simple guy with alternative passions like travelling, cooking or reading. And Marco is the strikiest example of it.

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